(Re:Eclipse) The Problem with the moon.

The Sun God is literally staring me in the face this morning, he has been since I woke up this morning. I learned a while ago that there were once two planets orbiting the Sun where Venus now is, scientists figured this out when they could not account for the distance between the Earth and […]

Public Apology

I have come very close to deleting my twitter account lately because I am so angered by what has been going on in the world. I came across some bad news stories yesterday that made me change my mind. I know I have a really bad temper and there have been times online (too many […]

Post Eclipse

I’ve had it confirmed for me this morning in a profound way that sunlight really is the source of love in the world, that the Sun God literally is both love and goodness in this very troubled world. Yesterday the light seemed to dim to the point of just before dusk, and the temperature dropped […]

On Zero.

I am gone from twitter and I am relieved. I might open another twitter account in a while when I figure out how to balance politics and spirituality, as it stands the political input from twitter was literally draining my soul every day of my life. Since our disastrous election ( a result of a […]

Watching “The Pyramid Code”

This is a series on Netflix that talks about the technologies of ancient Egypt, especially in regard to the theory that the pyramids were used to produce electricity via interaction from the Sun and water running beneath them. Link to “The Pyramid Code” on Netflix I am on episode two and they are just getting […]

Children of the Stars

I just watched one episode of this series “Hijos de las Estrellas” on Netflix yesterday.  This is episode one “Secrets of the Sun” which is amazing. It shows a Bolivian sun worship ritual which is apparently a very ancient part of the indigenous culture before European conquest. Link:  Secrets of the Sun It also has […]