Cosmic Underpinnings

I’m aware today is a religious holiday though it’s been so long since I practiced my faith of origin that I can’t remember the significance of Good Friday. Like most relatively educated people I know it has to do with pagan rites of spring that the church pasted over with a bloody ode to sado-masochism […]

Holier Than Thou

Earlier I was watching the back and forth on social media between an atheist and someone who professed to be a member of religion; the atheist had posted a video of two muslim women discussing what level of domestic battery is permitted between husband and wife and how to do one’s wife-beating properly. The atheist […]

God Hoggers

I really don’t want to talk about the  history of Christianity today or the Abrahamics or the effect of monotheism on humanity or anything like that. I don’t want to talk about how similar orthodox Islam is to the Judaism of the old testament and the violence that these patriarchal faiths force children to grow […]

Scholarly Folly

Reading about the downfall of Arius and Arianism in the early period of the adoption by Rome of Christianity can really make a person cynical. You have all these religious officials and theorists debating something as if it can be proven by debate to be one thing or another which it cannot. It seems Arius […]

Bad Trips and Apocalyptic Visions

I’ve seen some folks quoting revelations lately about the anti-christ in reference to Trump and his apparently pre-coordinated with Russia quasi-intervention in Syria. I have come to believe after my own experiences with an over-the-counter dissociative that the religious visionaries of antiquity were using unknown hallucinogenic and/or dissociative drugs. Tribal shamans and oracles as well […]

Why I Believe In Gods

I’ve written before about having used a legal dissociative over a period of years to deal with PTSD symptoms for which, psychiatry was unable to give me a suitable pharmacological solution. I have found like many others that this drug, being in a sense, an entheogenic, does have certain abilities to “reset” my stress level […]