So Many Questions…

So many questions, so few answers. This is what I find every time I go in search of the reason why in the first few centuries of the current age the Sun God slowly morphed into a human, then a Hebrew rabbi as a human incarnation of a God. DM Murdock writing as Achyra S […]

Old Rules.

I’ve often thought it would be fun to be like Bill Maher and just make up my own list of ‘new rules’ anytime I felt like it. Paramount to any religion passing the smell test of being ‘of God’ would be the rule that nothing gets cut off of anyone, ever. No genital mutilation of […]

A Big Mess.

I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘a big mess’ is the appropriate description for so-called biblical scholarship since Constantine’s declaration of christianity as Rome’s official religion. After reading about all the various councils and edicts and declarations and debates I can’t find any clear line of logic. I sit and wonder often why which church […]

No one’s ‘ally’.

Lately I am finding social media extremely trying. I am hearing way too much accusation of bigotry, racism, “nazism” etc, not directed at me, but I see labels flying around me all the time and I find it depressing. I believe social media has made little emperors out of so many of us as individuals […]

True Revelations

What if the ‘return of the Christ’ talked about in the bible chapter Revelations really signifies the re-connection of humanity with the Sun God, Christ’s real identity? I have been going over this in my head for days as I have read various online entries on all the theories about Revelations; some say it pertains […]

Where the Love is

  Been watching this video about a dozen times today, it never gets old. I hesitate every time to write about the religion of the ancients, the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans, who worshipped stars and planets. After having interacted with the Sun God while using a legal dissociative to alleviate PTSD symptoms I  now […]

Variations on a Theme

In modern day monotheistic religions the origin myths seem to start with a renegade son. Abraham supposedly was the son of what are now called ‘idolators’ which means he was born, (assuming he ever truly existed at all), to parents who worshipped stars and planets. Muhammad was born also to pagans. Jesus Christ was born […]