The Transgender Monotheist of Egypt

Donald Trump is using transgender people right now to distract from whatever hot water he’s in, that much is clear. He probably cares nothing one way or the other about trans people and probably lives in the court of no opinion about LGBT issues in general, but the LGBT community is a handy community to trounce when you are trying to stir up your base over this or that dilemma, which he clearly is. Time will tell what the real issue is soon enough. Apparently the DOD is referring all questions about this and the fifteen thousand transgender servicemen and women affected back to the white house so it is clear even they feel out of the loop.

I went to get lunch earlier just to get out of the house and away from my computer. Even in the cracked black asphalt lots of restaurants were bright and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. The pink beauty bush is a favorite around here but lantana also cover whole corners. Trees of every variety are green and blooming, a gumball tree, something I don’t know the name of but that provided so much amusement for me and my siblings as children, is blooming right outside my window; there is a song we used to sing about the Kookaburra the bird, (it is probably a completely different tree referred to in the song but we used to pull the small blue balls off of the tree and sing this song while walking back and forth to our school just down the block).

As a child I never knew the Earth is alive and has a consciousness, something I now understand. I knew the plants and animals were alive because I could see them moving and growing, but I never understood that the Earth herself is a true mother, and the Sun that shone upon us while we played outside was a God with consciousness as well. We’d been schooled in church about shepherds and all the pastoralism of abrahamic religion without ever being told the truth about the true astrolatrist nature of all monotheistic religion. All great cultures of history of course worshipped many Gods, and most historians understand now that their Gods were the very stars and planets in the night sky. I watched a video about Venus last night in which the narrator claimed that the Romans ‘named’ Venus for their Goddess of love, but in fact it is clear now that Venus actually WAS a Goddess to the Romans, as were all the planets, and the stars as well. The Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians, Sumerians and so on all understood that the stars and planets have consciousness and that interacting with the loving consciousness of these astronomical bodies is where the concept of ‘Gods’ first arose. Polytheism is natural to all indigenous communities and most have some variations on the same God figures of Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, etc.

We’ve lost this knowledge under the crush of monotheism in much of the world. One of the first monotheists, Akhenaten, seems to have wanted to focus on worship of Aten, the Sun God in Egyptian culture, for an interesting reason; Akhenaten may have been transgender, at least judging from his depictions which show him with female features such as breasts and hips, and it is evident that he felt worship of Aten, the Sun God to be important because the Sun God contained both genders rather than being seen as male or female exclusively. Akhenaten’s monotheist community did not survive him, it fell to ruin after his reign, but there are many that believe that Moses was a courtier of Akhenaten (some have even positied that Akhenaten was Moses himself but this seems unlikely and certainly unproven). However we do know, depressingly, that monotheism did succeed, and unlike the worship of Aten, in Egypt, humans today have almost no surviving memory of the fact that we are STILL worshippers of stars and planets, though their true identities are obscurred from us. Christians clearly worship the Sun God, regaling him as ‘the light of the world’, ‘the prince of peace’ (interacting with the Sun God is the most peaceful feeling I have ever experienced in my life), ‘the way, the truth, and the light’ and a thousand other descriptions of light and deity combined, in their scriptures. Judaism seems to be taken from some worship of the Roman God Saturn, or Greek Kronus; the planet Saturn has a very clear hexagon, (probably the origin of the Star of David the same way the orbit of Venus is responsible for the pentagram symbol) at the top of it, visible in space but probably not to ancient stargazers unless they were using dissociative entheogenics or astral projecting. Saturnalia was the origin of Christmas, and Saturday, of course, is the Jewish Sabbath. Islam seems to be descended from moon worship; this is apparently why so many flags of muslim majority countries have the moon on them. (The orb Trump was handling in Saudi Arabia on his visit a while back clearly looks like a moon sculpture, and the Kaaba monolith that muslims encircle on their Hajj pilgrimage contains a sacred meteorite). Human history is replete with examples of how all religion comes from and is based on astrology and astronomy but abrahamic monotheism has wiped it from our memory, usually by bloody conquest and forced conversion on penalty of death.

We can’t understand the Sun God’s existence, of course, without reasoning about the other stars that appear to us at night when the Earth turns her face away from our solar Deity. Our human minds make the natural leap to contemplate the wonder of a sky full of millions of other Gods like our own Sun God, encircled by their own cast of orbiting planets, with at least some of them full of other wondering beings gazing back into the skies at us, wondering just as we do about the shape and size and nature of what stares across the galaxies in their direction. This is the problem with monotheism: everything is reduced to one. There is one holy gender, maleness, and femaleness is derivative. One holy species, human, and everything else lives to be exploited. There is one holy sexuality, hetero, and everything else is deviant. Fundamentalist Islam takes these prescriptions to an amazing extreme, positing one correct hand to eat food with and a host of other daily regulations. Abrahamic fundamentalisms of the past have been as regimented, and some besides Islam still are, in pockets of orthodox isolation. But monotheism runs counter to everything we can readily observe about life on this planet. This planet loves diversity, variety, the splendor of outdoing herself over and over again. Evolution itself is a testament to her creativity, her dance with the Sun God one of endless fertility and creation. Monotheism points to the world and denies the splendor of infinite variety of creativity on this planet, it deigns to posit right and wrong forms in what is clearly an endless project of reproductive glee between the Sun God and our Earth mother. It scorns and judges and hates and it is no wonder its only lasting cultural legacy worth noting is endless war and endemic racism in every form it recreates of itself over time.

It is time for us to remember the great societies of the past and question why we believe that pastoral monotheism that overtook them is superior somehow. It is time for us to trust in the creator of the magnificent universe and all the variety contained herein and celebrate it instead of bowing to the prejudicial monotheism that insists despite all evidence to the contrary that one form, one gender, one sexuality, one species, is somehow superior to all the others. It is time for us to remember what the great societies of the past all understood, that the astral beings are families, like we belong to on earth, and they no sooner have preferences of us than we would find it natural to choose and announce proudly which one of our children was our favorite to the exclusion of all the others. Monotheism as we know it today is an unnatural, hate- and judgement-filled farce, and it is time to let it die.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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