Cause and effect

This podcast by Maajid Nawaz, talking about Pakistani child grooming gangs in the UK, is really startling in terms of how unwilling he is to shy away from addressing this issue in frank terms. It is a depressing topic and not really the thrust of this blog but I always feel an obligation to weigh in on this whenever I see it because it is far and beyond time our human culture accepts the cause and effect of the creation of sex addiction evidenced very clearly by, for one example,  the whole Josh Duggar scandal that has surfaced in the media in the US the last few years.

I am sure many people want to look at the particular scandal of the Duggar family having raised a sex offender as an exception to their lifestyle or as some unfortunate mishap but the truth is that patriarchal culture that treats women like breeding livestock inevitably creates sex addiction by raising children in environments that are love devoid and do not meet the stimulation & emotional feedback needs of children. Patriarchal culture seems to want to treat woman as automatons that are simply programmed to raise children adequately no matter the stressors that are put on mothers and children in their environments, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

The famous Kaiser-Permanente ACE study showed with perfect clarity the effects of violence in the upbringing of children; in particular domestic violence in the home was shown by the research to have devastating effects on children that last over the lifespan. Domestic violence is one of the sacred cows of patriarchal religion, one of the ways in which abrahamic religions in particular create mental illness in children. However, just as important a disaster is the patriarchal love for burdening women with far too many children thanks to lack of reproductive control and the Duggars have taken this particular custom to a ridiculous extreme. The children might as well be the products of child marriage since by their own admission the Duggar parents assign each new child to an older sibling to essentially raise.

What a tragedy this is. Any sane person can look at a situation in which a mother is exhausted and constantly pregnant, breast-feeding, physically compromised from stress and discomfort and know she is not going to be at her best. Handing children off to other children to raise is a dereliction of duty as a parent, not a solution to over-breeding “at” the secular word, which is what the Duggars’ particular religious movement, the Quiverfull movement, espouses.

Horrible and immoral experiments on infant monkeys have shown that one of the effects of extreme maternal deprivation is substitution of sexual stimulation in place of the lack of physical closeness of the mother, and this translates to humans as well. It is important for our species to absorb that over-breeding human females by force due to lack of reproductive control, yet another patriarchal sacred cow, practically guarantees maladjusted human children, some of whom will seek out sexual stimulation, beginning with excessive masturbation (as documented in the regrettable animal experiments), in order to be able to feel any sensation at all to replace the nurturing they lack from a mother. Sexual addiction is like substance abuse in that it takes more and more stimulation (dosage) as time goes on to fill the void left by maternal lack. It should be completely unsurprising then that eventually a significant number of the maternally deprived victims morph into sex addicts, some of whom choose to violate children, something they are even more likely to do if they were violated by predators in childhood themselves, which is almost guaranteed in patriarchal religion.

This becomes a vicious cycle with little hope of cessation in particular in cultures where child marriage is common and domestic violence is supported by law. It is very important to understand the conditions that lead to the formation of such things as  ‘grooming gangs’ such as the ones Maajid Nawaz is talking about, and understand the cultural conditions that cyclically repeat to create them, so that we don’t fall into reactionary racist banter and fail to help the children who really need relief from the sacred patriarchal trifecta of creation of mental illness in children: child abuse (including forms of parental neglect due to forced over-breeding), child rape, and domestic violence.

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