The Backward March of Man

I wish I could say I was surprised the news that Turkey has announced it is stripping the teaching of evolution out of school curriculum, according to this article in The Telegraph.

When something like this pops up in the media it always gets me thinking about just how much humanity has lost to religionism, specifically fundamentalist monotheistic death cultism. Abrahamic fundamentalism insists the earth is only a few thousand years old, the one God that exists is invisible and found nowhere in the cosmos specifically, and that the cosmos is simply dead matter;  in particular abrahamism regards most living beings as dead objects for exploitation.  Children must be beaten and indoctrinated into submission, their vibrant living souls stripped of all vitality the same way their genitalia are mutilated, foreskin and labia stripped from their bodies in one of their first experiences of severe abuse, which most likely are followed by many more if they are unlucky enough to be born into religious fundamentalism. Since this orthodox religionism creates sex addiction like clouds create rain, it is doubtful that children in fundamentalism will make it through childhood or even to elementary school without being sexually abused. One of the greatest secrets of pedophiles is that preying on children who are younger than the age of memory formation means that they get a free pass as the child will not be able to remember what happened to them. Since the age of brain formation is zero to three years this overlap is tragic in that abuse at this young an age is likely to create alterations in brain growth leading to innumerable problems later in life for which there will be no congruent memory to explain.

All of this is a bit of a digression from the topic which is that of watching yet another democracy making the slow slide to islamic fundamentalism. I always think of the great lie that we as humans are taught to believe, that somehow humanity keeps marching forward and progressing at an even pace over centuries. However, this simply is not the case, humanity over and over again through millennia is allowed to progress almost by accident in many cases, simply by flying under the radar of whatever depraved or mentally unstable ruler might be in power at the time. It seems that in a few instances progress may be encouraged by those in control but for whatever reason most of the time it seems that autocrats want to foist on their subjects whatever ideas they hold as sacred, and it seems that those who want to dominate other human beings and hold absolute power over much of the human population seem to possess rather sorry ideas. As a species we have little trouble identifying the depraved rulers of our own time, the Putins, Erdogans, Dutertes, etc. But our perspective seems to shift when evaluating the megalomaniacs of the past, who are given titles like ‘the great’, ‘conqueror, the ‘lionhearted’, etc. For some reason humans lionize megalomania given the passage of a few centuries or millennia; the further in the past it is, the more it is mythologized and forgiven, though few common people wish to live through anything but peace in our present lifetimes.

I wonder if there will ever be a time when humanity can absorb that megalomania is the same whether experienced in the future or the past, and truly accept the implications of what conquest renders in whole societies and how it can extinguish the light of entire cultures for hundreds and hundreds of years, leaving innumerable segments of the human race essentially walking dead people enslaved to whatever twisted monolithic doctrine the maniac du jour thinks best suits his narcissistic drives. When we have billions of people enslaved to religious doctrines that are anti-science and anti-human progress it is a travesty of unimaginable proportions in terms of the loss to our species of those minds and what they could possibly contribute to humanity if they were not in thrall of a despot and his violently loyal proxies, beating humanity back into the dark ages over and over again through our short history as homo sapiens.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.



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