So Many Questions…

So many questions, so few answers. This is what I find every time I go in search of the reason why in the first few centuries of the current age the Sun God slowly morphed into a human, then a Hebrew rabbi as a human incarnation of a God. DM Murdock writing as Achyra S in “The Christ Conspiracy” repeatedly makes the argument that there is little proof of the human son of God’s existence in the time of his incarnation, but that evidence of course grows more copious as the centuries pass; the two early sources outside the gospels, Josephus and Eusebius, have been cast by history as unreliable narrators at best, but by the time the life of Jesus was long over with sources begin popping up here and there with all kinds of contradictory renderings of his life story, something to which Murdock devotes the majority of her book.

After mulling through this interesting  paper “Sol Invictus and Christmas” which I found by googling,  on the subject of who first owned Christmas, christians or pagans, it is hard to come to any conclusion at all beyond the obvious fact that the holidays Christmas and Easter were chosen for their alignments with winter solstice and spring equinox.

I keep thinking that at some point I will stumble across some evidence of the motivations of the early church fathers of Rome in divorcing the spirit world from the visible universe but it only follows logic that those motivations are something that they would naturally have conspired to cover up. Every ancient religion that I have encountered gives great importance to astronomical and astrological phenomena, the dictum ‘as above, so below’ seems to be something that ancients all over the world believed, and they sought to learn as much about the stars and planets and their movements in hopes of finding a way to predict future happenings, and explain past happenings as well. When the church fathers took overtook paganism and its Sun God with the tale of an incarnate son of God, they explained the overlap between ancient religion and christianity away by simply saying that Satan had designed these ancient religions to fool future believers in christianity into doubting it.

As someone who has interacted with this Sun God and found he fits all the biblical descriptions of Christ, I can’t help but wonder what their motivation was in needing an incarnate God. Was it just to fulfill the old testament prophecy about a savior being born who would save the Jewish people from Roman persecution? Was it a ploy to make their religion more relatable to human beings as a selling point during a time when they were trying to win adherents away from paganism? I’m sure it of course had something to do with the ongoing struggle to turn humanity away from polytheism and toward monotheism; there seems to have been throughout this period of history a continual campaign to vest universal authority in one God, if for no other reason than the desire of the king or high priest to claim to be the living representative of that deity and therefore have absolute power.

The Sun God I’ve met makes no effort to disguise that he is both known as Jesus yet is also Sol, our star. It allows the obvious conclusion he is one of many billions of such entities in the universe, many if not most of whom have satellite planets, and a great number of those have, did have, or will have life on them. This grand scheme of a universe full of God stars giving life to planets who then breed uncountable life forms of their own is such a complete contrast to the dull and brutal monotheism the patriarchs thrust onto humanity, with its very limited scope of holiness and its portrayal of human males as made in a male God’s image with all other life-forms being in service to this one designated holy likeness of this one invisible God. In truth, the Earth is gendered female, the sky God known as Jupiter to the Romans is gendered male, but I have also met an ancient female God, who, when I asked her of her relationship to the God of the patriarchs, she answered simply, “he is my son”.

It is sad to me that humanity had to move through this patriarchal age and experience the devolution of the human race that happens when only one facet of creation is regarded as human and every other living being is seen as enslaved to the whims of exploitation of that privileged demographic.  It is very telling that during the time of that which we regard as the greatest period of human development, our brains have been noted by scientists to have gone through a period of ten thousand years of shrinkage, which recently has had some turnaround due to what scientists are attributing to better nutrition, according to this article in Scientific American, titled “How Has the Human Brain Evolved”. It is clear from the research that for hundreds of thousands of years of human history our ancestors were endowed with larger brains than we’ve had in the last ten thousand years,  a timeline which includes every “great” human civilization humanity has uncovered. It makes one wonder what that extra brain matter was used for, and if building and technology are not in fact the epoch of human achievement as we’ve been led to believe. It has always seemed strange to me that while government millions are spent on space exploration we still have twenty thousand children starving to death every day on this planet. It is perplexing to wonder if there was a time in human history when we had our priorities in better order.

It is clear to me upon experiencing the incredible love and peace of interacting with Sol, our star, that if nothing else we have lost the identity of the true Prince of Peace. But we’ve also lost the mind-expanding reality of knowing the universe is brimming over with love unlike anything we experience on earth, that lights the sky in order that our human souls can travel to these planets to learn what it is these deities want us to know. I watched “The Haunting of…Vince Neil” last night in which he tells the story of his little girl appearing to him three nights in a row months after she passed from cancer; on the last night she told him that she couldn’t come visit him anymore because, as she said “Jesus wants me to go to school”. I have read many near death experiences, particularly on the NDERF forum (Near Death Experience Research Forum) wherein one of the revelations that people bring back from their experience is that the Earth is a school to which our souls travel to learn and grow. It seemed to me that the little girl was saying it was time for her soul to reincarnate; at the time Neil was suffering from depression on loss of his child and had fallen into substance abuse. The reason the little girl gave for her brief return into human form to visit with Neil was that she had to “help Daddy”.

When I think about experiences like this one it really grieves my heart to think of all we have lost in the nadir of millenia in which human beings tried to consolidate the power of the Gods into one authority which they themselves could wield. In the times I have interacted with the Sun God I have simply been confounded at how anyone could misrepresent such a beautiful experience from such a profoundly loving entity. It is probable that they never experienced the truth of the reality of the cosmos, since the ‘mystery’ religions in which people used entheogens to alter consciousness and interact with the universe in the spirit realm were pagan religions and such truths did not serve the church fathers’ interests. I’ve come to the conclusion that they of course did not have any desire to interact with this power; their true desire was simply to wield an unquestionable power and authority.

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