Old Rules.

I’ve often thought it would be fun to be like Bill Maher and just make up my own list of ‘new rules’ anytime I felt like it. Paramount to any religion passing the smell test of being ‘of God’ would be the rule that nothing gets cut off of anyone, ever. No genital mutilation of any kind, on either male or female infants, (or any beheading or cutting off of limbs for punishment for theft & other offenses, either). Of course people can choose to do whatever they want to their own bodies when they become adults, but the concept that one person can own another to the extent that they mutilate the functional body parts of their own children should be cast out of human culture.

I have wondered about the story of Abraham and Isaac quite often. I have wondered, given if Abraham really existed, which is a matter of much historical debate, if he was insane, or using a mind-altering drug when this ‘almost sacrifice’ incident occurred. His existence is not historically established of course, but just for the sake of debate, to be blunt, what was he smoking? In the times in which I’ve used a legal dissociative and interacted with the Deities I have come to conclude that on a visual level, dark or malevolent spirits are not allowed to disguise themselves; this is solely based on on my own experience, which is to say, in the times I have seen them try, they morph into something with unattractive or even repulsive features. On the other hand, when one is interacting with an unseen, it is very possible one can mistake the voice of a ‘bad’  or destructive spirit with one who is benevolent. I have come to the conclusion that if this incident really did occur of a disembodied voice asking Abraham to sacrifice his child, then it of course was not a true deity like the Sun God or Sky Father (Jupiter) but it may have been a malevolent spirit.

From what I have felt and learned interacting with both the Sky Father and Sun God I have never felt anything to even remotely suggest that either would ask someone to harm a child. I have wondered what hallucinogenics people used back in those days that would have put them in a state of interacting with spirits; I am convinced that in the majority of instances when people do interact with the other side it is through use of entheogens. There are probably some cases of legitimate psychic ability but even that is not due to the person in this physical dimension but is controlled completely on the other side in the spirit world through transmission of knowledge from the ‘spirit guide’ or ‘guardian angel’ of that person. Entheogens open up those pathways and so does mental illness. Mental illness created by severe trauma can cause pathways to remain less than closed if the victim is constantly having ‘out of body’ experiences due to abuse.

One glaring thing most people overlook in the telling of this story is that Abraham lived in a world in which child sacrifice was not unheard of; it was commonplace enough for him to think it normal for a holy deity to ask him to do so instead of disregarding it as a request from the dark spiritual entities that were accepted as existing at the time. It is odd to me given the existence of dark spirit regarded by Jews as at least an adversarial teacher that Abraham seems to give this no consideration but automatically assumes this request, which lead to the establishment of the “covenant” of circumcision of infant males as a substitute offering, came from God himself.

I tend to think mental illness was responsible for a lot of what was going on in monotheistic herding cult religions in this period (and carrying on into modern times judging from the behaviors of monotheistic herding cult religions such as fundamentalist islam and many herding cults in the US such as FLDS, etc).  Pastoralist religions seem to want to re-order the primate, or human, world based on the behaviors of the lower order animal species that they herd which seems to have disastrous results for human beings affected by it, especially females and children. Polygamy, male dominance to an unhealthy degree, over-breeding of females with its inevitable effect of poor parenting and less than sufficient nurturing of children, domestic violence and so on all add up to produce less than mentally healthy and stable children in generation after generation.  Children turn to sexual stimulation to fill the sensory void of what should be maternal love and closeness, leading to incest behaviors and problems with sexual addiction that are lifelong. Sexual addiction causes victims of these environments to violate children in their surroundings, which stacks the deck against the already vulnerable children in these settings even more than it would without being surrounded by sex-addicted males who grow up in a very different and definitely severely deprived environment emotionally than even most primate children still living with their animal mothers deep in jungles and forests.

Chimps give birth every seven to nine years and hold their children close to their bodies a majority of the time while they are infants. Herding cult religions would force women to give birth every year, and force younger siblings to raise them; it is no surprise that the Duggar family produced at least one sex offender when the environment in which they raise children seems designed specifically to produce mentally ill and sensory-deprived human beings who have little to no hope of ever understanding what they have been robbed of and how to fix it, if indeed such a fix is possible. It is depressing to realize that human females who probably shouldn’t have children more than once every three years at best are now on the same gestation schedule as dairy cows .

Every time I delve into this subject matter I find it overwhelmingly depressing because of the inescapable conclusion that the violent herding cult religions are seen as the epitome of human spirituality; indeed, supposedly they are the origion of the so-called ‘greatest story ever told’ mythology. I never felt this way growing up in abrahamic fundamentalism; it wasn’t very long before abrahamic religion lost its fascination for me and seemed to be nothing but a tale of one sordid instance of depravity after another. These feelings have only grown in my time on this planet; in fact I am sure that those truly civilized cultures surrounded by herding cult religions feel the same way that civilized democracies are experiencing islamofascist terrorism and violence in the current day. I do not really believe that it is doctrine that causes the threat of violence; in my opinion it is the child abuse, child rape, and domestic violence inherent in herding cult religions that derange children and cause them to be vulnerable to mental illness with all of its anti-social manifestations and maladaptations.

One interesting pastoral cult family that made the news a few years ago was the so-called ‘Colt incest clan‘ in Australia; not only was the family severely inbred and rife with sexual abuse and child neglect, but the children in the family participated in torture of the animals and in particular mutilated the genitalia of family pets. I have always felt that human genital mutilation probably was an offshoot of alteration of herd animals’ genitalia that at some point, probably in domestic violence initially, was applied to human beings.  The implications of what this may mean for humanity when expanded in a larger application to human history are a statement about humanity that few seem to want to parse, even though we can witness it happening in real time with the spread of islamic fundamentalism all over the world.

One simply doesn’t need to conquest or even convert people to a faith when one can force females into biological slavery that runs counter to creating the atmosphere that primate infants and children need to be sane and stable adults. One can literally create nations adhering to a creed and dedicated to the violent imposition of said creed on one’s surrounding neighbors (and dedicated, it seems to violence itself) just by forced overbreeding of human females and practicing domestic violence and child abuse. Those three factors seem to lock human beings into a violent cultism from which it may take generations to escape, and then perhaps the majority will remain though a few may escape. Add serial child rape, also known as child marriage, to the mix, and children are practically guaranteed to be destroyed before they even reach puberty, and doomed to manifest the same patterns in their own children. We can witness these patterns over and over again through human history and in this light it makes complete sense why one civilization after another have been overrun by the monotheistic herding cult religions that surround them in the pastoral scenery beyond city boundaries. It seems to me, and has since my early teenage years, that watching one pastoralist herding cult after another overtake civilization through history is really ‘the worst story ever told’ in the existence of humankind.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.




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