A Big Mess.

I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘a big mess’ is the appropriate description for so-called biblical scholarship since Constantine’s declaration of christianity as Rome’s official religion. After reading about all the various councils and edicts and declarations and debates I can’t find any clear line of logic. I sit and wonder often why which church father won which argument based on what…was it politics, popularity, money, number of parishioners, favor with whichever ruler or pope was in power at the time, or some other unknown factors that dominated the councils gathered to carve christianity as we know it today into the legal entity it was in the past before enough landed males got together and demanded separation of church and state, at least in the west.

While mining Netflix for anything remotely watchable before this last presidential election focused me on politics for much of my waking hours, I watched both  The Borgias and Medici, Masters of Florence and found both series’ depictions of the buying and selling of the papacy fascinating. Despite the fact that we are supposed to treat the papacy with reverence in this day and age even if not Catholic, neither series handled this matter with kid gloves and if these scenarios have any veracity then it is astounding that the institution of the papacy or even the church itself has managed to sustain itself into the modern day. Or maybe, these political maneuverings are exactly how the Catholic church survived?

I’m reading The Christ Conspiracy by DM Murdock right now; her book essentially gathers up mythicist writings about christianity from modern times backward to make the argument that historical Jesus of Nazareth never existed. Other scholars argue that Jesus Christ was a preacher, though a mortal, and conversely some argue that he was not ever mortal and that his appearance predates christianity and can be found in the old testament writings as Melchizedek  and some even go so far to claim that every time the phrase “an angel of the lord” appears it refers to the christian messiah Jesus.

It is such a leap to square all this non-scientific debate and theorizing with the Sun God that I have experienced while using a legal dissociative drug to combat PTSD symptoms. The Sun God fits all the christian descriptions of Jesus in the new testatment. Murdock makes the argument that early christians knew they were worshipping a deity and not a mortal though needless to say, in order to come to that conclusion one would have to have fluency in several languages depending on the source…one doesn’t have to look very far at all to find scholars arguing heatedly about translations of just about every passage of the new testament and a significant amount of the old testament.

I want to believe that some of these men at least believed that they were having “scientific” arguments about the nature and timing of Christ’s mortality or lack thereof but that may be an overly generous conclusion. Politics seems to have dictated most of what renderings of Christ we have to date, and Murdock makes a great case for the absurdity of a deity sending his son into a tribe that spoke a soon to be dead language carrying a message pertinent to the salvation of the world.

In many ancient faiths of course, the Sun God existed; actually he can be found in most of them in many of the advanced societies of antiquity. Politics divorced religion from the stars and planets apparently in the name of monotheism, ultimately, but the course it took eventually rendered it the property of an elite group of scholars and linguists, something that doesn’t follow any logic at all if we are to believe what the christians espouse about salvation by Jesus Christ being necessary to enter heaven.

I believe differently; I believe innate God-consciousness exists in our hearts, not in our intellects, and certainly not in the preachings of any church or religious scholar exercising a constructed monopoly on religious truth. When one looks at orthodox abrahamic faiths and their treatment of children it becomes clear that religion’s goal is to break that innate God-consciousness of children and replace it with cultism and authoritarianism so that we obey human authority at will. It seems humanity has conscripted holiness and spirituality from its true purpose and bent spirituality to human will almost completely, so that the true deities, the visible universe and its stars, planets and other astronomical entities, are seen as completely dead beings, and the dead, politicized cant of politically motivated social engineers is regarded as living, holy faith. A big mess, indeed.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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