True Revelations

What if the ‘return of the Christ’ talked about in the bible chapter Revelations really signifies the re-connection of humanity with the Sun God, Christ’s real identity? I have been going over this in my head for days as I have read various online entries on all the theories about Revelations; some say it pertains to the destruction of the Hebrew temple in ancient Jerusalem, others say it refers to persecution of christians by the Romans, and others say it is more widely applicable to various historical events through time. In the christianity I grew up in though, I was taught to believe it was the soon to be happening end of humanity in the here and now wherein God was going to remove all the christians from the Earth and let the devil take over the world. Growing up in an evangelical or fundamentalist faith the ‘end times’ are always thought of as close at hand; many scholars think of Jesus as historically an eschatological preacher in and of himself. One can easily tie this to the very nature of the Sun’s journey through the sky every year, which recreates the nativity with it’s rebirth in the winter solstice every year.

After having interacted with the Sun God many times while using a legal dissociative to combat my PTSD symptoms, it became obvious to me that all the descriptions of the nature of Jesus Christ that I had been taught are also applicable, in fact identical, to the nature of what I feel when interacting with the solar Prince of Peace. The over-whelming love, compassion, peace, comfort, security, calm, and warmth I feel are something that I have never experienced in my life and I can understand of course why so many biblical descriptions about the Christ have descriptions of the sun and light woven into them and why so much christian artwork places solar halos around the re-imagined Sun God and his mother and disciples. I realize this means that all of this language about the solar deity had to have existed pre-christianity, so now I am learning about christophanies, or appearances of christ elswhere in religious literature such as in the old testament. One such figure is Melchizedek who is known as the King of ‘Salem’ which means peace. He pops up here and there in various chapters and other surrounding religious literature including the Nad Hammadi Gospels though apparently some of his entrances are thought to be interpolations, which is nothing unusual in religious writings. Clearly this figure is an early archetype of Christ, in one telling he was so holy that he survived the great flood without having to be a passenger on Noah’s ark.

As I read all these multi-layered stories and myths it reminds me of a time when I got frustrated with having to store all the various blankets and sheets I’d accumulated over the years. They were taking up so much room in closets, stacked in totes one on top of the other, that in a fit of frustration I took them out one day and put every single one of them on my bed, layered one on top of the other. At the end I had sixteen blankets piled on my bed and plenty of totes in which to store other things.  I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any of my blankets because I never knew which one I might need. I find the same thing to be, perhaps, the motive of the layering of these religious myths into texts; they were reworked in order to better fit with the political motives of whomever was in charge of state religion at the time. One might be only useful for a season, and then be forgotten. Later on it might seem like time to pull out that old myth from storage for a specific purpose for which nothing else will fit, such as inserting Melchizidek into a story about Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah. He appears in the old testament, then disappears, and reappears in the new testament. Many scholars agree he is a christ prototype.

As far as Revelations, goes, one thing I have learned however in my experiences on this legal drug is that the future is not set in stone. In one experience I was taken by the father God, or ‘sky father’ (the literal translation of Jupiter, in Greek) to what seemed like an enormous stringed instrument with multi-colored strings, and God explained that this is the instrument onto which our thoughts are projected so that we are literally creating reality every moment of the day by what we project onto the strings from within our minds. When one considers the impact of apocalyptic religions projecting onto this instrument the destruction of planet earth and life as we know it, it becomes incredibly frightening to contemplate.

I keep going over and over the contiguous nature of the myth of Christ’s ascension and the actual circumstance of the Sun God’s disappearance from human consciousness in a good part of the world for most of the Piscean Age. Though it is probably completely coincidental it is interesting to me that the sign of Pisces is the fish, as fish live underwater, and, indeed, thanks to the actions of Constantine the identity of the Sun God has been driven underground and hidden behind  Jewish rabbi for over two thousand years. Revelation promises the return of Christ from the clouds and religious believers are encouraged to ‘watch the skies’. What if the truth is, indeed, in the skies, having never left, but instead disguised as the originator of a stateless religion that appealed to Constantine as a way to settle the bickering between then warring, nationalistic tribes of Rome who each had their own unique version of polytheistic paganism? What if he foresaw, as Akhenaten had attempted to create in his time, a monotheism in which worship of one God would make it easier for people to agree to Rome being consolidated and ruled by one supreme emperor instead of being divided between East and West and ruled separately as it had been in the past? Constantine wanted only supreme power and he killed whomever stood in his way so the truth would have been little consequence to him.

What if end-time Revelations were to stay true to its verb form and reveal the true identity of the Christ, the Roman Sun God and his predecessors in human religion from time immemorial. It would mean peace on earth instead of apocalypse, transformation for humanity instead of extinction. It would mean embracing a God that loves and shines on all humanity, that brings light and heat to the dark void of space from 93 million miles away. It would mean accepting that our God is 5 billion years old, not 2000, or 6000, and that this God star will shine for at least 5 billion more, and that the Earth has the potential to support life for at least a couple billion more years. It  would mean the death of monotheism as a concept, since the night brings a glimpse of many billions of stars shining brightly on planets similar to our own. It would forever knock the knees out from any aspiration human beings have to ‘be like the Gods’, and show us our own limits when compared with such a massive power. It would, in short, bring us back down to right size.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All rights reserved.


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