Where the Love is


Been watching this video about a dozen times today, it never gets old.

I hesitate every time to write about the religion of the ancients, the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans, who worshipped stars and planets.

After having interacted with the Sun God while using a legal dissociative to alleviate PTSD symptoms I  now know the meaning of the seemingly innocuous catch-phrase ‘God is love’. Literally the Sun God is the physical manifestation of love. Warmth, peace, compassion, everything human beings need and crave.

I am not going to pretend to not be mystified how a burning ball of helium and hydrogen can have a consciousness or manifest love and peace. It defies everything I’ve been taught about the physical world and my brain’s desire to lean toward logic and rationality.  But this brilliant shining Sun in our sky communicates with us, which is something the most accomplished and celebrated ancient cultures humanity has ever known knew and took part in.

Warring patriarchal monotheist cults have spent thousands of years trying to destroy the knowledge of the true nature of Gods, the secret of the consciousness of heavenly bodies. In the place of the cosmological nature of the Gods they placed a mentally ill, disordered nowhere God and told us that space is just full of floating bits of rock and debris amongst gazillions of otherwise lifeless burning orbs.

It is, while being paradigm shifting to an almost unbearable degree, quite a relief to know that everything I was ever taught about the Christ really does have a counterpart in nature, that of the Sun God which has been a supreme aspect of the pantheons of human religion since time immemorial.

It is great to know that at least all they taught me about his love, his compassion, his acceptance, his forgiveness, is true and really does exist in the universe. Whether they lied about his incarnation as a Jewish rabbi at the beginning of the Piscean age is just unknowable. We used to sing a song in church called “He Lives” in which those were practically the only words. It is a relief to know this consciousness exists, as utterly pure and enveloping love.

He’s a different kind of entity for sure but the fact is the manifestation of the Christ really does exist, as our star, which is 5 billion years old, far older than the liars of religion that sought to obscure the astronomical nature of holy beings from our minds, because it is the only way they could enforce monotheism on humanity. The fact is, the stars are literally made of love, of a quality and intensity that I have never felt in my entire life.

Copyright Starshine Kerr 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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