Variations on a Theme

In modern day monotheistic religions the origin myths seem to start with a renegade son. Abraham supposedly was the son of what are now called ‘idolators’ which means he was born, (assuming he ever truly existed at all), to parents who worshipped stars and planets. Muhammad was born also to pagans. Jesus Christ was born Jewish, and retroactively credited with founding a new religion because of a prophecy in Judaism that a messiah would be born of a young girl (“virgin” is a mis-translation) and become a savior to his people. Apparently the difference between Judaism and Christianity hinges on whether Jesus the rabbi, (the brother of James, I mean, as historically there were many rabbi named Jesus) is the prophecied savior or if he is simply a revered preacher of Judaism.

Inherent in all these myths and retroactively constructed origin stories is a very strange assumption. In order to follow the history of the changeover from polytheism to monotheism one can’t help but observe that it becomes a belief of a certain people or culture that they are worshipping wrong; the wrong Gods, the wrong way, etc. The only indisputable historical evidence we have of a phenomenon like this is the story of Akhenaten and his break from the traditional polytheism of Egypt and his founding of a cult of sun worshippers; many theories exist as to why this God appealed to him and given his presumed gender-fluid appearance, (he is depicted with breasts and hips and further all other people in his community of sun worshippers are as well and this is unique to his particular worship community, it disappears with the disappearance of his cult of Aten) it is possible the gender duality of the Sun God at that time resonated with him. It is my own conclusion that he may have been transgender; I have never read this assumption by any scholar though many concluded sun worship appealed to him because the Sun God of Egypt was said to have included both male and female gender characteristics.

Even more interestingly humanity seems to have converted (willingly or not) to monotheism over and over again throughout history. It always seems to come at the behest of a powerful ruler like Constantine or Muhammad; native and indigenous tribes and peoples are almost always polytheistic and animistic in their worship and while some deities may have more power than others, the plurality of spirit-beings is almost a given until you encounter large civilizations historically. Many scholars have concluded that there is some link between the ancient Egyptian attempts at monotheism and the development of monotheism in ancient Hebrew religions; Freud himself was a believer in this theory and others have speculated that Moses may have had some link to the court of Akhenaten though this has never been proven.

Conversion and conquest seem to work well, though, as momentarily several billion people are held in thrall by monotheism. One has to wonder though, if one does believe in a spirit world or the possibility of spiritual beings, if these beings change over time. Is it possible that pantheons of Gods were repeatedly overthrown by a ‘most powerful’ God, suggested by this story  in an online Jewish Encyclopedia about Abraham questioning the star and planet worship (“idolatry”) of his own parents. It refers an interesting anecdote about Abraham’s use of the ‘most powerful’ God idol to tell a story. One can easily conclude that these early monotheists were searching to align themselves with whichever deity they found most powerful. For Akhenaten it was the Sun God, for Abraham and Muhammad it was the Sky Father, or Jupiter deity, for Constantine it was an artfully disguised Sun God hidden behind the Christian Jesus.

As much variation as there has been in history on the theme of religion it also begs the question of whether or not humanity was ever correct about their experience of the spirit world. I am not an atheist, both because of my own experiences with the spirit world while using a legal dissociative to alleviate PTSD symptoms but also because I have faith in my species and can’t bring myself to believe that such a integral part of human experience from time immemorial is simply a fallacy or figment of human imagination. What varies is the nature and number of the Gods, though Babylonian, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures were all polytheistic star and planet worshipping cultures. They believed the stars and the planets were sentient beings with consciousness that could be communicated with. It is interesting to me that monotheism was never successful until this apparent fact was concealed; even Akhenaten’s city built to worship the Sun God faded into the dust of the desert after his rule and Egyptians returned to their polytheistic pantheon.

Monotheism as we know it today took root after spirituality was completely dissociated from the cosmos. There is one God, he is male, and he created everything. No one knows where he is, or what he looks like; he is apparently in some etherous realm between space and human consciousness. It is more than just a little bit convenient. It stands to reason that as long as the Gods were seen to be stars and planets, as they are in all great civilizations of the past, monotheism could never take root. One had to wipe out all knowledge of the consciousness of the heavenly bodies completely or humanity would make the simple deduction that with there being between seven and nine planets and innumerable  visible stars that the ‘Gods’ floating in space were many and varied, and indeed represented both genders. This would never do for megalomaniacal monotheistic thieving thugs such as Constantine and Muhammad. They needed to concentrate power and worship in as compact an entity as possible, which meant divorcing their God from any visible astronomical being, something that had hitherto not been done. Constantine’s motive is quite clear, it is easy to see the advantage of choosing a religion in which a man was revered as a direct descendant of a God. It is no surprise that the concept of divine right of kings originated just a few centuries after Constantine first threw the cloak of the stateless monotheism of Christianity over Rome.

To my original question though about whether these deities change, it implores one to consider the possibility that they do not. What if the ancient cultures and mystery religions that used entheogenic substances as part of their interaction with spirituality were in fact experiencing the same stellar and planetary consciousnesses that users of similar substances are today. What if the entire time humanity has been beset by the monotheist madmen of the past several thousand years, the stars and planets lay silent, waiting for a time when humanity would throw off the yolk of cretinous conqueror imposed ignorance and communicate with them again. I have written many times about my experience with the profoundly loving, positive, compassionate and peaceful Sun God and my inevitable conclusion that it is this God upon whom all traits of the christian Jesus are based. It is an unmistakable conclusion that the references to light and love surrounding the Christ deity in fact are characterisitic of the Sun God and thus have to predate the Christ in mythology. I have not found references to prove this but I am convinced I will find them once I know where to look, even if it means re-learning Latin again which I haven’t touched since high school, and maybe some Greek and Hebrew.

It is clear to me at least why divinity was divorced from the cosmos in the early days of monotheism; it was necessary for those who desired absolute power to plant the idea in the heads of those they felt they must control that concentration of power in the hands of as few as possible entities was the natural order of things. It flew and flies in the face of the incredible diversity evident in nature on our planet, so they looked to transform the very nature of the cosmos into a hierarchy instead of a community, and failing that, they ripped divinity right out of the cosmos itself and re-imagined the universe as dead, empty space, a point of view that still resonates to this day. Their monotheist philosophy is a fallacy, and therefore it must never be located anywhere in nature on earth or outer space, or it would be shown for the sham it s. Not only a fallacy, it has proven a brutal failure for humanity to worship one gender in one species at the expense of literally every other being on our planet. Monotheism begat violence, and violence upon violence. It initially imagined a pantheon in which one God ruled the others; and when that failed to interest subjects of the creators of new order, the monotheists disengaged from human consciousness (by force up to and including many, many executions)  what humanity had regarded to that time as the very nature and origin of holiness itself, planetary and stellar bodies.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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