World Gone Mad

Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Accords. This is no surprise, it is the ultra-libertarian end-game. He’s of course owned by Putin, a kleptocrat ruled by the acquisition of money. Putin believes, as Trump does, as the Kochs do, and the Mercers do, that the world should be ruled by those who accumulate the most money by any means necessary.

No matter how many of them there are there are many more of the common man. By definition, the sociopathic global one percent are always a small group of people banded together in loose association. Ultimately they end up fighting each other to accumulate more and more power and more and more money. They may temporarily associate with each other but eventually they ultimately stab each other in the back, those that do not get stabbed in the front, or deposed and imprisoned (and executed).

Most of us learn in school a history based on the fighting of wars and the conquests of dictators. In our lives in the present we are directly affected by rulers and officials who many times demonstrate criminal insanity. Looking through the reverse telescope of history, however, we are taught to lionize rulers of the past, who threw countries and continents into chaos and destroyed many lives in the process. We have no confusion about the effects of megalomania in the present, but we are indoctrinated with myths about the conquests of the depraved for over a decade while being educated.

Will Trump be lionized in some future history textbook for reducing America to a fascist autocracy, and his personal kleptocracy? We know Putin will because he still controls the reigns of power in Russia and therefore controls what history is taught. There is no indication whatever that this will change any time soon. Medieval astrologers forecast that the Aquarian Age, while having the potential to unlock a new reality for human beings, would also be one in which humanity struggled with dictators.

It is easy to see why. Our mythic archetype du jour, having ceased being the soldier, the general, the conqueror, has transformed itself into a seemingly more benign conqueror: the businessman, who lies, cheats, steals, and many times murders, if necessary, to accumulate the wealth to influence policy. In the United States we have a problem with accepting reality about this kind of wealth as having been gotten by less than honorable methods. We are taught to value ‘hard work’ above all else, and few admit openly  that it stands to reason that if hard work made people rich, literally a much larger percentage of the population would be wealthy. I grew up in time and town where people talked openly about ‘robber barons’; the older members of my family called them ‘astorbilts’, a reference to the Vanderbilts that built  a mansion in the south end of town, but the term generally referred to the obscenely wealthy with a sneer that said all that was needed about the dubious means by which they acquired their wealth.

I sometimes think that in order to change the regard with which we hold the wealthy, we would literally have to rewrite history from the viewpoint of the common man and woman, demonstrating the effect of megalomaniacal conquerors and colonizers on their lives. We have some of the story, but we rarely get it all. The truth is these people at the top of society live a history that is alien to the largest portion of society. It is easy to see why we are so accepting of conquest at the  hands of psychopathic businessmen when we are taught daily for a decade of our schooling that conquest and colonization are normal states of affairs, and that the piles of bodies of the common people destroyed by their ambitions are to-be-expected collateral damage.

Just as we are schooled in church to accept patriarchal monotheism, we are indoctrinated in school with a vision of human history that serves to create more dictators, more kleptocrats, more man-Gods who believe only they have divinity and the right to make policy that is detrimental to the entire planet. Constantine turned the western world on end by declaring a religion followed by ten percent of Rome to be a state religion, and scholars suggest he did so because christianity was simply stateless, something that would solve the problem of the nationalism-linked warring religions in the Roman Empire at the time. Muhammad went Constantine one better and declared himself a direct prophet of a monotheistic deity, despite the fact that he was a warlord, slaver, pedophile and all around cretin.

Though we no longer lionize warlord/conquerors as in the past, the robbery of the holy pantheon of deities is still serving the depravity of psychopaths that claw their way to the top of society by any means necessary. One God means justifying one male to rule in his stead; despite literally everything on earth having the kiss of the divine. This was always the end-game of patriarchal monotheism, of course, enslavement of women and her reduction to her base bodily functions, and as a side effect complete theft of the entire experience and devotion of child-raising and transference of that attention and adulation to the man-child at the ‘head’ of the family; childhood instead became replaced with the horror of genital mutilation, child rape, severe corporal punishment, and endless religious indoctrination.

What a joke they have made of life, the patriarchal monotheists. I don’t think we will take back our divinity until we recognize the holy within ourselves, within all creatures. They are dead hearts and dead souls, the holy businessmen,  a tragedy wrought by childhood violence and mistreatment, for sure, but one on which no pity should be wasted as they, the Trumps, the Putins, the Erdogans, and Dutertes, are beyond all help until the next reality. What we must do somehow is behave as if we are agents of the divine…the Sky Father the Romans called Jupiter, the Sun God that the church hid behind the Rabbi Jesus in the early part of the common era, the consciousness of our great planet Earth, our mother, and the great mother Goddess the ancients so revered and of whom much evidence still exists of her veneration. Our most revered cultures of the past communed with these Deities, and none of the true Gods and Goddesses have gone anywhere. Man wrought patriarchal monotheism for one reason, to serve himself, and by himself I mean the psychopaths who have always climbed to the top of society in a quest to control all. Until we let go of the nightmare they have made of holiness, (through which they justify their evil appropriation of every resource the Earth has to offer, both human and non) and allow ourselves to experience communion with the Deities silenced by the criminals who rule us, and seek our truth outside of their pitiful, wretched doctrines, we will continue to shift our admiration from one defective vision of maleness to the next, searching for the divinity we all have inside, which the criminal psychopaths tried but failed to stamp out the knowledge of.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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