Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right…

Last night I found out that the ACLU of Maine is opposing a law that would outlaw FGM in the state, Maine being one of several regions in the US that is a high risk area for children to be victimized by this procedure. I am at a loss to understand why the ACLU is involved in this case at all, being that they are supposed to represent the civil liberties of American citizens, one of which should be to live one’s life to completion without someone cutting up your private parts. It is hard to discern whose civil liberties they apparently think are being violated in this case.

I find myself feeling more and more isolated in the climate of US  politics these days. Since the advent of Trump’s ill-conceived ‘muslim ban’ there seems to be a growing reticence on anyone’s part to criticize anything having to do with islam or islamofascism of late. I can see evidence of this just by watching the activist muslim reformers, MENA secularists, and ex-muslim activists online who are clearly frustrated as well with the knee-jerk quality of US politics on the left at this point in time. If one opposes abrahamic fundamentalism on principle one can really find it a lonely time. Christians on the right oppose islam but in favor of christianity. They may not slice up the genitalia of their female children but most are perfectly willing to do this to their male children without questioning, and they would be perfectly willing to restrict women’s rights almost to the extent that fundamentalist muslims do.

It is possible to defend the civil rights of muslims while at the same time training a critical eye on islam as simply the youngest version of abrahamic fundamentalism to wash through our human tribe. Traditions that were evident in Hebrew times are still evident in Islam. The christian myth of the near stoning to death of Mary the mother of Jesus was set in the same political misogynist climate that Islam exists in today. The saying that there is nothing new under the Sun applies to Islam as much as anything else.

Every single gain that feminists in the US claim since the suffrage movement has been waged against abrahamic fundamentalism. Islam may have put a few new twists on abrahamism, such as FGM, but other than its slight variations from orthodox judaism and christianity it is the same old misogynist dance. Restrictions on female behavior exist to a ridiculous degree because abrahamic fundamentalism creates familial settings that drive children to mental illness. It overstresses mothers with too much labor, too many children too close together, and usually adds varying degrees of domestic violence and abuse to the mix. It worships the idea of corporal punishment of children. These factors together create mentally ill, sensory-deprived children, many of whom turn to sexual stimulation to fill the sensory void left in their beings by the love deficit that exists in a home where a mother is enslaved and abused. If you add to this already hair-trigger environment the horrific practice of serial child rape, otherwise known as child marriage, then needless to say you practically have with absolute certainty the recipe for how to create children who can find nothing better to do than literally blow up everything in sight. It also explains the obsession with oppressing female sexual display, if one’s only sensory stimulation since early childhood has been sexual, by adulthood it follows that that deprived emotional state leads to whopping problems with sexual addiction and whole societies fighting a compulsion within themselves that they don’t understand is created in the vicious cycle of fundamentalist misogyny that dooms so many children to mental illness of one kind or another.

There are many nauseating arguments being made lately that FGM is not islamic, but that is blatantly false. There are over 200 million victims of FGM in the world today, most in Africa, but the practice is spreading everywhere there is islamic immigration. The reason we know this is an islamic practice is because were it not islamic, muslims would be falling over themselves doing everything they can possibly do to stamp it out. If mutilating the genitalia of children evoked sufficient outrage in the muslim mind, there would be a world-wide very vocal and active muslim movement to end it once and for all, the same way there is a movement to invoke sharia law and muslim family courts wherever muslims gain a significant voting demographic. People would literally be being pulled out of buildings in the light of day and prosecuted with the stiffest penalties the courts in all countries where this practice happens will allow, the same way that young females in muslim fundamentalist regions are murdered for even the suspicion of extra-familia/racial breeding. Islam has quite the reputation for severe penalties for trangression of accepted cultural and religious mores; the reason we know FGM is islamic is because this characteristic severity is NOT being applied to the practice of FGM.

I have only experienced heaven one time in my life while using a legal dissociative, over-the-counter drug to alleviate my PTSD symptoms, and that was after a very heated argument with a friend on facebook over this very topic, refuting her claim that FGM is ‘not islamic’. During that experience I was taken by the Sun God through some very white and pure realms that absolutely defy description but it is the most pure setting I have ever experienced in my life. I believe the Gods that the ancients  (Egyptians, Greeks, Romans) worshipped, the stars and planets, are the true Deities, despite all the sad and tragic human manipulation of the truth. I believe God is the visible universe, and it is clear that the safety and sanctity of childhood is one of the most important things to the Gods. Monotheism exists to strip women, children, animals, and the entire Earth of our sanctity and replace it with worship of maleness; not natural holistic maleness, either, but toxic masculinity that develops when one truly believes one is the only manifestation of holiness on earth, and therefore has the right to torment literally everything else in one’s environment. The maleness that the Sun God and the Sky Father God exude is a simple fact of existence, and no hierarchy of superiority can be detected in their presence. It is such a travesty where we are in human history right now, that the most simple fact, that children should be free from torture, falls to the wayside because cowardly adults are not willing to stand up for basic morality.

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