how did we lose the Sun God…

Yesterday was one of those perfect days, the temperature was perfect and there was a wonderful breeze blowing when I walked my dogs back through the woods to the lake like we do every day. It was such a blissful day that I found myself growing suspicious of the perfection of things, wondering for a moment if it is really true what the Grateful Dead sang, that ‘when life looks like easy street there is danger at your door’.

Today was very much the same just a bit hotter, the dogs swam in the pond a bit longer than they usually do. Every day when I step out of the woods onto the gravel road that leads up to the boat dock, I am directly facing the earthen dam that holds back the man made lake. Shining brightly above this great green wall is the sun, brilliant and intense. I can understand why the Romans called him Sol Invictus, meaning unconquered or invincible.

The more I adjust myself to the reality of this brilliant loving consciousness, something that is happening very gradually in my mind, the more I wonder how we got here from there; there being the beginning of our species before the advent of the patriarchal monotheist death cults. Indigenous peoples all over the world still have consciousness of the sky father, the sun god, the earth mother, and various other entities in the spiritual pantheon. All over the world you find these commonalities, with of course much variation depending on region. Monotheism is actually the anomaly, you find, when you study the history of religion. The further back I pan and look at the history of our species the more clear it becomes that monotheism is part and parcel of conquest. It seems that conquerors wanted less to revere the Gods than to be recognized as  gods among men, and to be revered as gods. This is very clear in the history of Constantine’s ascent as sole ruler of Rome. Muhammad went Constantine even one better; Constantine seems to have claimed prophecy only once, and the facts of this one instance vary greatly depending upon source and translation. Muhammud, the warlord, slaver, and conqueror, imagined himself to be the sole recipient of instruction from the sky God on how human beings should live.

Nothing I receive when interacting with the Sun God approaches any of the brutality, judgment, scorn, or punitive nature of any of the monotheisms that sprang from these clearly depraved leaders and their minion enforcers who formed churches around their declarations. I feel only overwhelming love, compassion, acceptance, joy, and peace when I am in the presence of this deity. It is so strange then, what humanity has made of existence, what humanity has made of holiness, of spirituality; how it has taken truths of the Deities and twisted them into something negative and harmful and in its most extreme forms, evil. I can only imagine two possible truths; one, the Gods that were in existence in the beginning of time have somehow changed, inspiring religion to change, or two, humans have manipulated the characters and definitions of the Deities for their own purposes. Needless to say, I reject the first possibility on the simple grounds that I see no reason that the Deities would not simply destroy humanity if we were so ill-natured and prone to evil as patriarchal monotheism would have us believe. Deities that have power to create also have power to destroy, and it seems logical that were humanity so egregiously flawed, those in control would simply just scrap such a flawed prototype and go back to the proverbial drawing board.

The alternative explanation, that the Deities have not changed since before the inception of the human species, is one that is completely overwhelming to me upon reflection. I have never felt a more intense love, peace, or compassion than the times I have found myself in the presence of the Sun God upon using the legal dissociative. If ever there were a perfect state of bliss in existence, it is found in the presence of this Deity, who seems literally to be made, chemically even, of love.  Who knew hydrogen and helium are the perfect formulation for ecstatic bliss. This is not an effect of the particular drug, this state only comes in the presence of the Deity itself; while it can linger for a few hours after he is gone it always fades, but it happens when he emerges and fades after he leaves. He simply loves, with a love so deep as to defy description. Literally all I have been taught about Jesus Christ from my beginnings of exposure to christianity, in Sunday School, is true of this deity. Except of course,their presumption that he favors one people over another. As the Sun, who fathers all things on Earth in his union with her, he seemingly loves every being in existence. And this love is certainly far more profound than anything I have ever experienced from a human being.

What this implies about religion is so dark as to be almost hard to contemplate. It is comforting to know the truths upon which these cults are based. But it is devastating to even begin to confront the depravity they have visited on millions upon millions of human beings over many millennia, in their quest to rewrite spiritual truths in ways that allowed them to ascend to ranks of power, and maintain control over whole peoples and regions only for the sake of power itself.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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