Why Gays are a bridge too far…

I believe that part of the reason that Trump won this past election, outside of interference from Russia, has to do with the religious right and their push-back against what they consider the apocalyptic move of legalization of gay marriage. For many religious voters, gays are the ultimate sinners, the people on whom they project all their shame and dark emotions about sex and sexuality in general. There is no logical reason for this, it is part of the brain-washing of religious tribalism; when one is taught to believe that one  particular group of people on this planet is loved and accepted by God and another, or many others are not, it sets up an equation in which the tribe ‘of God’ is able to see themselves in a positive light, and to project their negative characteristics onto the peoples they see as not deserving of the love of the God/s.

The reason the religious right needs gays to project upon rises from a very complicated set of circumstances that our society has yet to deeply absorb. Patriarchal monotheism in and of itself makes parenting, mothering in particular, difficult. Traditional monotheism in which the perceived one God is a male one does not afford woman any innate divinity; something polytheism always has, having Gods of both genders from time immemorial. Monotheism sees human males as God and literally everything else in existence as having been created to be exploited by human males for whatever purpose they see fit. Therefore, because women can reproduce, it is conceived to be their primary purpose. At the same time there is the very odd belief that literally no matter what stressors are placed on the human female, such as lack of reproductive control, copious amounts of labor besides child-care, domestic violence, competition and discord from other wives in settings where polygamy is expected, etc., the woman will naturally be an adequate parent since she is some kind of sub-human animal programmed like a computer to do parenting as part of her genetic code. Clearly this is a recipe for disaster; more specifically it is a recipe for recreating violent patriarchal monotheism over and and over again through generations.

It’s well known what the effects of domestic violence are on children in marriages. Add to this any or all of the factors listed above and most people would conclude that the woman in question might not be able to be the best parent she can. The problem with patriarchal monotheism is that in many of the monotheistic herding cult religions in existence today, this very high-stress environment for mothering is actually seen as normal. Since the beginning of abrahamic faiths until relatively recently in the west, domestic violence has been seen as an institution of healthy marriage (add this to the abrahamic fetish for genital mutilation of children and it’s worship of corporal punishment under the dictum ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ and one can see where this leads).  What abrahamic herding cult religions have advocated for the last several thousand years is actually the perfect storm for creating mental illness in children, particularly Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the creation of which is described in detail in this article .

One side effect, or some would say coping mechanism, of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is sex addiction. Writer Robert Weiss in this article on sex addiction goes so far as to say that they are almost always linked, stating, “Unsurprisingly, chronically low self-esteem and various forms of profound narcissistic wounding are nearly universal among sex addicts (and other addicts, as well).” What this means in simple terms is that the standards of parenting that fundamentalist monotheistic herding cult religions such as the abrahamics endorse put so much stress on mothers that they are almost guaranteed to be inadequate parents, and this sets up a cycle of mental disease that washes through one generation after another after another. Why? Because creation of sex addicts in one generation after another guarantees child rape and child predation are woven into the very fabric of that culture, seemingly endlessly. Sex addiction is the reason for the tradition of child marriage, and for the proliferation of polygamous marriages in which men enjoy a plurality of sex partners while reducing each partner’s share of the relationship to fractions. Child ‘marriage’ (serial child rape) practically guarantees another cycle of inadequate parenting, which guarantees more budding narcissists, more sex addicts, more child rape and abuse… and on and on the cycle continues, like the division of cells in a cancerous tumor, or the replication of a lethal virus. To say I was unsurprised when a member of the Duggar family child factory was charged with child molestation would be quite an understatement. Patriarchal herding cult religions practically guarantee the world an endless supply of child molesters and wife beaters, all trying to reconcile the neglect and emptiness their experiences of childhood became in the hands of a religion that not only denies the divinity of every living thing, but also reduces all creation to our most base bodily functions.

So under patriarchal monotheism you have a population with an unusually high percentage of narcissists, with sex addiction roiling under their surfaces, and who belong to a monotheist tribal religion that encourages them to project their deficiences and flaws onto other people. Enter homosexuals, who by most estimates comprise about ten percent of the human population and have been found represented in most other animal species. A natural minority, gays make the perfect foil on which to project the massive problem with child predation that all patriarchal monotheisms hide under their facade of piety. Rather than accept that women are human and that mothers who are beaten and raped are going to raise traumatized, unstable children, abrahamic monotheists have always taken the easy way out: just blame it on the gays. When one considers that the herding cults are filled with people who more likely than not have been victims themselves as children of the created pedophiles around them, then of course the perfect solution that doesn’t solve anything is to demonize people who seek sexual interaction with adults of their own gender. This way patriarchal monotheists do not have to do anything whatsoever to confront their terrible problems with misogyny and setting mothers up to fail at parenting by piling as much stress on them as humanly possible.

Child predation is the biggest secret that the monotheist herding cult religions have kept, and the taboo surrounding the topic of incest and child rape was never around committing the acts, but around talking about it. Many patriarchal monotheists seem to still have homosexuality and child predation wed so tightly in their minds that they cannot except that the two simply are not related, and this is not accidental, it is because their culture gives them explicit instructions that homosexuals are in fact the designated people on which to vent anger about sexual violation, the same way tribes in the bible assigned their sins to a goat which they then drove out into the desert. I see this as a massive divide between the right and the left now, and I don’t know whether I believe that the right is psychologically capable of accepting that its misogyny toward women is creating inadequate parents who raise unstable addictive children and that these children are growing up into adults who in turn violate children and the cycle continues in perpetuity…and that this has literally nothing at all to do with homosexuals and homosexuality. It is so much easier after all to just blame the gays.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.

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