Violence Works.

Having just come from twitter and having read a couple entries about Indonesia, the world’s next islamic theocracy, I feel the same overwhelming weight on my spirit that I feel whenever I watch videos like I just saw of humans being tortured…in one particular clip two supposedly ‘gay’ men are caned while literally thousands of people watch, take cell phone videos, applaud, and cheer.

There is nothing significantly special about this flavor-of-the-millennium version of failure of the human spirit. It is simply the same old abrahamic depravity reworked through another cluster of people and ages and territories and wars, through violence upon violence and conquest upon conquest. It is the remnant of dead spiritualities that drew their last breaths upon the sword of thuggery and piracy of every conceivable variety. Like all abrahamic fundamentalism, it is another lowest common denominator among what could have been the highest pinnacle of human evolution of thought and deed.

Abrahamic fundamentalism is the result of simple math. It is the result of the breeding of children and forcing them to bear children at an age when only their body is ready, but not their mind or heart. It is forcing them to bear children after conception by rape. It is raping them and forcing them to bear children while being beaten and treated exactly like the slaves they are. It is forcing females to live in an environment where they are reminded with practically every breath they take that they are literally despised for existing. It is forcing females to live with terror that they will be tortured to death by fire or stoning or beating for even having a suspicion surrounding them that they are guilty of practically the only positive emotion even allowed in their sorry, pitiful existence,  which is affection or even love for another human being. Love, in fact, seems to the be the thing that abrahamic fundamentalism despises most of all.

This is the religious fundamentalist vision of existence for humanity. It is clear at least to me that in most islamic theocracies children are born into violent fundamentalism and held in it by simple terrorism. Domestic terrorism or domestic violence is the best creator of authoritarianism there is on the planet. Domestic violence is institutionalized in abrahamic fundamentalism and seems to be an almost expected part of existence in fundamentalist religions; the fact that it is the number one most damaging adverse childhood experience has been documented by the Kaiser Permanente ACE study, described here , which showed that domestic violence witnessed and/or experienced in childhood to be the number one most damaging childhood experience, and that the physical, psychological, and emotional effects follow the victim through the entire lifespan, leading not only to mental health issues, but to chronic physical illnesses and early death as well. This study followed over fifteen thousand subjects over the course of many years and is a widely respected vehicle for understanding the effects of interpersonal and familial violence on individual human beings.

Pan back from this and it is can be concluded that a culture awash in domestic violence is a sick culture, literally. This applies to all forms of abrahamic fundamentalism, including the most orthodox forms of christianity and judaism, and to any culture including modern hinduism that treats domestic violence as normal and legitimate behavior within family relations. It of course does not apply universally to islam, islam is just the latest young, teenage incarnation of hyper-masculinity disguised as religious cultism to debut on the human scene. What we know for a scientific fact is that domestic violence makes humans sick, it makes them mentally ill, it causes them diseases over the lifespan that compromise their quality of life, and it causes them many times to die young. Yet this is the vision of life that abrahamic fundamentalism (A.F.) holds up as the pinnacle of human existence. A.F. would have us believe that we are born depraved and must be held in thrall by violence at every turn. Our mothers must be disciplined violently because they are perennial children. The state becomes our permanent parent, doling out punishment for the most private expressions of love and humanity, because humans are such innately sinful creatures. Then A.F. asks us to believe that we are created this way on purpose, and asks us to worship the God that created such a screwed-up product that A.F. itself must intercede at virtually every turn in the road.

I feel sometimes so numb from exposing myself to the violence committed by this belief system that it feels better to pretend to be an unfeeling alien observer wondering if humanity will ever break free from the shackles of violence-fetish or will the latest version of it make us so sick as a species we eventually eliminate ourselves from existence. My experience using a legal dissociative connected me with a spiritual universe of unbelievable love and compassion that is unconditional, in which excessively violent people do time in the lower levels of the bardo until whatever alterations to their soul make it possible for them to rise to the level where deities dwell. I know very little about this seemingly ancient world, because I grew up in abrahamic fundamentalism. I have met two male gods, the Sun God who is now known as Christ, and the Sky Father who is allah or God or Jupiter and many other names, yet nothing in my interactions with them has ever shown me even a hint of male superiority or any kind of gender hierarchy at all. It makes me sad to think that this beautiful spiritual world, which clearly is our universal human birthright, has been killed off by depraved human beings who became cult leaders and are now revered as prophets of such a diminished and truly pitiful version of human existence.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.



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