Angels and Dead Planets

I had about fifteen different topics in mind to write about between today and yesterday. Some I just have to jettison after what I have learned about the bardo and the journey of souls in the afterlife. In the past when I was in between having abandoned the politicized spirituality I grew up in and having yet to learn spiritual truths through my use of a legal dissociative and from pouring over every near-death and entheogenic substance experience I could get my hands on and looking for patterns, I would have just blurted out my history with no thought to the living beings on the other side of things but I learned the hard way about that. There is a lot of truth to what I once heard a tv psychic tell someone on one of those reality shows, that the souls of those that have harmed us cannot rest until they are forgiven. It seems that mentioning their transgressions connects us to them in the moment and causes them to be burdened with the pain and shame of their crimes and sometimes can cause them to fall to lower levels of the bardo, and apparently it is possible for many souls to stay in the constant rising and falling, rising and falling, for very long periods of time after death. In fact if there is one religious teaching from my childhood that has turned out to be spiritually accurate, it is the urgency of forgiveness, and the damage the lack of it can do to those on the other side.

I had to have this practically hammered into me over and over and over again though, having been taken to different levels of the hells dozens of times by my spirit guide or guardian angel or whatever capacity this entity works as. I have spent a fair amount of time reading and listening to new age philosophy and teaching in my life and most of it is very positive and warm and  feelings oriented (as is the Sun God himself) but I seem to be particularly hard-headed when it comes to the concept of empathy for those whom I’ve been wronged by. Many times I was taken back in time to situations that wounded transgressors of mine and I simply could not will myself to look or watch as the younger versions of those that had harmed me were mistreated or tormented themselves.  I came to understand that I’d been hurt by broken and mentally damaged people. I’m dealing in the present with having to absorb that in one of my prior lifetimes I also did a terrible amount of harm to others. It is devastating information to have and I was only allowed to approach this part of my soul’s journey after I’d solidly developed compassion for others that had grievously wronged me and began to be able to forgive them.

The most important piece of knowledge I gained was that so many souls simply can’t bear the pain of what they’ve done in this life, to the point where they seemingly choose to go to the lowest level of the bardo in order to self-annihilate (hence the importance of forgiveness). This is apparently the home of the dark spirit that many spiritualities call the ‘devil’ or ‘satan’ or what have you; in line with my growing understanding that the spiritual cosmos is inseparable from the physical universe I’ve come to believe that this spirit is the remnant of the moon’s consciousness, a planet that once crashed into the earth and was annihilated and rather than accept the tragedy and continue its spiritual existence it has not come to forgive what it sees as the forces behind its demise. Of course this flies in the face of what many believe about the moon, that it is a female consciousness and a Goddess and so forth, but I’m always looking to make sense of the universe and after reading the theory science put forth about the collision between Earth and Theia 4.5 million years ago ( ) it seems reasonable that this very dark and angry consciousness that exists in the center of the earth is actually the unforgiving Theia wreaking as much havoc as humanly possible and attempting to cause pain, chaos, and destruction to every human life. I experience this consciousness as male, not female though, as he is depicted in mythology.

Many cultures have described the dark spirit as a fallen angel which I don’t even believe is possible, most of these cultural remnants are from zoroastrianism and have to do with the mythology of Adam and Eve which evolution science seems to have eliminated the possibility of. Plus the main feature of angels, which I have encountered but which don’t fit any of the biblical descriptions or names I’ve read, is that they do not sin, making it really hard to believe they might actually have an emotion such as envy to a point so destructive that it turned into all-consuming evil. The times that I have interacted with angels are definitely the strangest and hardest to describe of all my experiences on the legal dissociative; maybe it is just the type of substance but for whatever reason they seem to move literally in another dimension that is soundless, or airless, their movement is unlike anything I have ever witnessed and defies any attempt at description. I feel as though those few times in which I’ve encountered these beings that I’m not only dealing with a radically different type of consciousness but also it feels as if I have entered a completely different dimension of time and space, as if they literally dwell in a place with different physical characteristics than any other. Just to try to describe their movement from point A to point B is impossible to me and it is one of the greatest mysteries of my experiences as to what is the quality of the physical space I’ve entered where these beings exist, because it is unlike any other I’ve encountered.

I had a lot of things on my mind between last night and today that I wanted to write, about the senseless loss of life to terrorist attacks, about the terrible waste of human potential, about the atrocity of faiths that encourage devotees to literally transgress against their own souls, so that they will end up spending inconceivably long periods of time in the bardo, if ever they are able to leave and ascend to the heavenly regions. This is of course what the dark spirit wants, to destroy every human life, and it is no wonder you find so much manifestation of harmful misuse of practitioners in the monotheistic fundamentalist death cult religions. The further conservative and rigid they become, the more they seem to organize along lines of tribalism and genetic purity, and the more justification they apply to annihilation of the ‘other’ (and the more they encourage violent treatment of females who might mate with the ‘other’ and deny their eugenics obsessed philosophy of patrilinealism.)

I can only hope for humanity that enough people will relearn the realities about the Sun God, that shines on all humanity with no genetic or racial preferences, and about the consciousness of stars and planets, and the divinity of the entire cosmos and the consciousness of all living beings, and experience them the way I have, so that we can let go of our tribally influenced dark religions that seem to exist for the purpose of proliferation of certain haplotypes over others. Man has really exploited the Gods for his own purposes to a ridiculous extent and it is no wonder that in so many major religions there is little if any of the love and joy that exude from the true deities left.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.




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