The Opposite of God

The concept that someone can believe there is a deity out there in the universe that wants them to blow up little girls at a concert is inconceivable to most sane people. People who have had near-death and out-of-body experiences and who have used entheogenic drugs to expand their consciousness and others who by different means have experienced the presence of Deities know that they are loving beings who look on humans as children in a cosmic family of sorts. It seems to be tribalism that manipulates the nature of deities for its own purposes, that changes God to suit its justifications and desires for conquest, control, cult-like followings. We exist in a period of time where technologically we are very ‘advanced’ in terms of constructing things with no regard for the outcomes and effects on surrounding environment. We live in a kind of ‘if we can, we should’ philosophy where each engineer or architect tries to make a name for themselves by outdoing the one that came before. There is no sense of connectedness to our surroundings and each male seems to be on a quest to his personal level of God-hood, as if it’s taken as fact that this is how men should spend their lives.

Abrahamic fundamentalist cults in particular seem hell-bent, no pun intended on proliferating their monotheist drudgery on all of society. Their paradise is a world where only one God exists, and this is a male God, therefore only males have divinity. The rest of the cosmos exists to be exploited by the human male for his purposes. What I have experienced in my ‘trances’ or ‘trips’ on a legal dissociative is the complete opposite. Everything in the cosmos has divinity, all of nature is divine, God, or Gods, are the visible universe, the stars and planets, maybe even other configurations of nature as well. On the contrary, in the world of the terrorist, anything not bending in submission to the monotheist male deserves punishment or obliteration in his outlook, the gorier and more gruesome the better. “Obey me” seems to be his rallying cry, “or I will make you pay”. My belief is that these males are from the most violent backgrounds, battered children of one kind or another, whose self-esteem is non-existent and who are particularly vulnerable to a world-view that sets them at the pinnacle and tells them that they are justified in taking violent retribution toward those that do not comply with their puritanical monotheism. What better outlet for bottled rage than an entire worldview that justifies the expression of internalized anger due to extreme child abuse.

I heard Brian May on video expressing that ‘there are reasons’ why people commit terrorism that have to do with justified retribution for various foreign policies and I completely reject this viewpoint and find it irresponsible to express something so encouraging to any future terrorists that might be watching. Both sides of my family have had to leave their native countries and immigrate in the years past to this one, yet I bear no ill will for those deeds in the past to any living Russians, Hungarians, Irish, or so on. I do not believe that taking retribution on the innocent is excusable and it is ridiculous to imply it is. That is the first reason. The second reason is the ever-present Bardo, which has been manipulated and lied about by one religion after another since the dawn of religion itself. In the afterlife, we take accountability for our actions. We must feel the impact of our actions on other people as well. I’ve read many near death experiences that suggest that it is actually our own evaluation of our life, not any punishment by a deity, that causes us to fall to lower levels of the after-life existence, each of which is less and less pleasant. I don’t pretend to know how it all works but it seems we are allowed reincarnation due to the mercy of the Deities at even the lowest level. But from my own experience of some of these levels I can attest they are absolutely best avoided entirely and yet we have spiritualities that literally encourage people, in their doctrines and lectures, to transgress against their own souls and commit acts like terroristic murders.

There can be no greater crime for something that calls itself a ‘religion’ than to encourage its adherents to doom themselves to the lowest levels of the Bardo. There is no ‘life review’ or ‘judgement day’ for a religion. We are all the actors in our own lives. We are called to use our judgement and common sense when evaluating whether an act is Godly or not. It is a crime that religion as it is currently known has been hi-jacked in the service of tribalism, racial purity, and patrilinealism so that the true purpose of  it, which is interaction with the holy Deities of love and light, has been almost completely lost to most people. It is time to bring knowledge of the true nature of deities back, and the existence of the Bardo back as well, so people understand how badly off course they have strayed when someone asks them to blow up innocents in the name of ‘god’.

Copyright Starshine Kerr, May 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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