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There is a great amount of writing being done right now, primarily by atheists, on what really happened to bring Christianity into its status as a major religion, from Constantine forward. Constantine is well known to have had several of his relatives killed, including a ten year old heir to his throne, and to have had his wife boiled alive long after his conversion to Christianity so it should be obvious that his conversion and declaration of Christianity as official religion of Rome was a political maneuver rather than any kind of moral one.

The church then spent a couple hundred years shoring up their death grip of power via Christianity, picking and choosing what beliefs would help them shore up their control over humanity and which would be most beneficial to them (i.e. reincarnation apparently didn’t make the cut). It is clear that their world had long lost its faith before Christianity or Islam or Judaism…something was happening in society to compel peoples to stop seeking the true nature of the Deities and to instead render them in false ways that were most beneficial to the top tiers of society. It shouldn’t be surprising that the sociopaths at the tops of most cultures would do such things considering the behaviors & actions that landed them at the top of the social heap in the first place.  One really doesn’t have to reach very far past the basic structures of monotheisms to infer that there is just no way these faiths can truly profess a believe in God.

For instance one thing you will learn through direct contact via entheogenic use about the nature of the Deities is their universal love for all humanity. They love each person as a child of the Gods, even though they may not approve of his or her behavior, the love is always there. Therefore it is hard for them to put one person above another; they won’t say that this or that person is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ or what have you, that is up to the individual to discern through their own feelings upon interacting with that person. It is understandable if you look at it from the perspective of your own family and how most parents love all their children and most try not to favor one child above another. Monotheism expects us to believe the opposite, that the Gods favor one race above another. In the case of the three major abrahamics, they are shot through with racism; most people don’t know that interfaith marriage is not allowed in Israel, for instance. At the heart of these monotheisms always seems to lie the darkest racism, possibly some offshoot of herding culture where breeding and bloodline are everything; on some basic level this is true since the y chromosome varies little over generations, and it is the unaltered y chromosome that is the most cherished concept. Monotheists seem to have hijacked the Deities for their own cause, which always seems to be the proliferation of racial purity with as little variation over time as possible, a concept that lies in direct opposition to the mind-boggling diversity and variation in nature. It is no surprise that ridiculous levels of violence, particularly domestic violence, are needed to keep monotheist patrilinealism in control of a society.  I’ve made the argument before that the patriline is in fact the utmost prized characteristic of abrahamic monotheism and the level of violence needed to keep it in place speaks volumes about how unnatural to humanity this lock-down on genetic diversity really is.

I bring this into discussion because it has been shown that domestic violence is a huge contributing factor to damage to mental and emotional health over lifespan, particularly by the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study . This study, done over the life span of fifteen thousand plus subjects determined that the effect of witnessing domestic violence and experiencing childhood abuse to be the number one cause of prolonged mental and physical health problems, in many cases leading to early death. As domestic violence and corporal punishment of children are the most closely held tenets of monotheism, it is clear that the most hope our societies and cultures have for escaping abrahamic monotheistic depravity and violence is to advocate for the rights of children to be free of corporal punishment and genital mutilation, and advocate for a cessation to domestic violence. Though it will not turn the world on its end, getting the mind-wrecking violence out of the lives of children will give them a much better chance of perceiving the world through sanity rather than contrived authoritarianism, which is brought about through violence that produces stockholm syndrome and renders people vulnerable to knee-jerk bonding to any given authority figure.

Copyright Starshine Kerr, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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