Jesus is who?

Every time I experience the Sun God, everything makes sense. All the teachings I grew up hearing in Sunday school from my earliest memories about the overwhelming love and joy of this deity, the outpouring of peace and happiness exuded by him that I was taught about in an old southern baptist church full of beaten up furniture and bibles with cracked covers and worn pages. Sometimes in the present I look back and think it is a miracle that the love of this deity even survived abrahamic fundamentalist renderings of his aura, because little else of what must have been an incredibly joyous and uplifting religious experience in the ancient past did survive. He was blended in to biblical retellings of Hebrew conquests, wars, and familial dramas with their triumphs and tragedies…the entire bible of course is a Jewish work, a Hebrew tale from beginning to end if you believe the preterists who believe Revelations describes in fact the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

It is almost overwhelming to begin to try to piece together how we as a human culture went from a visible God of light and peace, down through so many different renderings of this deity to the point where he became human and pastoralistic.It has always been  obvious to me why pastoralist cultures tend to overrun urban ones, since herders not only deal with beings much larger and stronger than themselves and acquire the accompanying toughness, but also do a large amount of slaughter and body mutilation on these animals, no doubt leading to desensitization to brutality after repetition. One thing is also very clear to me having grown up in the pastoralism of abrahamic fundamentalism, which is that pastoralists, herders, shepherds whatever you want to call it, deal with ungulate animals and tend to apply those behaviors to human beings, which regresses our species terribly and which is probably why those in this trade that live in rural areas are considered backward, literally, when compared to city dwellers. Ungulate animals are lower order species in terms of intelligence than primates and people who are termed ‘conservative’ do tend to put great stake in the male dominance, over-breeding, polygamous behaviors of herd animals. I sometimes wonder if you could trace back through history a continuing line of herder cultures over-running city dwellers and make a pattern out of it. The occupation does seem to produce more rigid, dominant, violence-desensitized peoples. When you look at the mothering behaviors of ungulates and compare them to those of primates in their natural habitat you could not find more different behaviors, one animal falls to the ground and is soon walking on its own and the other needs months of being closely held and nurtured along with nursing behaviors, the body closeness and love expression of primates is far, far greater than that of ungulate animals and one can easily see how aping ungulate behaviors while raising human beings can result in serious loss of  intimacy and  nurturance needs for the child.

But back to the Sun God. Every day since I began to experience this Deity using a legal dissociative I have imagined what the ancients must have felt each day waking up to a world that makes sense, where God was and is the visible universe, where the Sun, a star, was a God, and no one could foist monotheism on any society because at nightfall came a confirmation that the sky was literally full of these great shining beacons of holiness and love and light, and that everything those who grew up christian were taught to think about Jesus is true of each star shining in the night sky. They wouldn’t have had to struggle with questions about life on other planets, they would have known the answer to the question is ‘of course, otherwise what would be the point of all those stars’. My scientific mind of course doesn’t understand how it is possible that these conglomerations of elements produce a being so overwhelmingly loving that it is almost unbearable to feel the intensity of his presence; part of me wonders if such an effect could be reproduced in a lab.

I get increasingly discouraged trying to trace the path of usurpation of the Sun God in Rome from Constantine through the machinations of the church into the present. There seem to be three camps of writers on religion, including two groups of people accepted as “religious scholars” which include the following: religious writers who need the bible to be historically accurate, and writers who have varying degrees of belief based on what their studies have shown them. Both of these groups include people who stick close to accepted theories and are regarded as respectable enough to be quoted on biblical work. The third group are renegades that do not try to appeal to the scholarly clique of accepted experts but do their own independent study and self-publish their results, which usually results in those accepted as scholars calling the renegades ‘hacks’ and deriding their work. The origin of the problem lies in believing a religion in which the God/prophet came to earth briefly thousands of years ago then left, resulting in anyone who wants to understand his reputed teachings having to parse through several dead languages and read countless theories on possible interpolations to get to a presumption of what might be true, something on which there is much debate.

The ancients of many cultures had no such problem, their Sun God was visible in the sky every day. The Earth herself was a God as well, and the stars and planets in the night sky too. Many want to believe that these beliefs are evidence of primitivism but they forget that these cultures evidenced technology in their monuments and religious sculptures that we have yet to duplicate. It makes much more sense to me that through the ages men in control of society have yearned to be Gods, and those who became kings wanted sovereignty of the kind of which monotheism is the ultimate expression. If man was representative of a single God then all the power of the universe was vested in him. Constantine supplied the megalomaniacal coup de grace to a logical universe by hiding the cosmic nature of holiness behind a mortal man. I can only speculate what it must have been like to have lived in a world where the cosmological order of nature was respected, where a mere human could never have the power of a being as large as the sun, where men knew their place in the order of things and honored it instead of trying to usurp and dominate their fellows at every turn.

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