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cow of gold

I woke up thinking this morning what a strange world the monotheists have created and recreate every moment with their iconography and human meditation on it. Certainly you can trace the attempt to force monotheism onto humanity back to ancient Egypt and probably even sooner. The above Egyptian artifact represents the sun, depicted during the time of Pharoah Ahkenaten’s creation of his own monotheistic community.

Ironically Ahkenaten is depicted as gender-fluid in his representations, and though historians have noted that all humans are depicted the same way during the time of his reign, my gut feeling is that his motives for insisting upon monotheism were probably different than what is attributed to male dominated monotheism of the abrahamics. Ahkenaten seemd to be drawn to sun worship because it contained both genders, and he insisted on being represented with breasts and hips. It is possible though disputed that his tomb may have been found and the mummy inside has shown no skeletal abnormalities and though historians have suggested he might have had a chromosomal disorder which caused his intersex appearance, it is unlikely since he would have been sterile and he is evidenced by history to have produced heirs. I have wondered if perhaps Ahkenaten was transgender and therefore he held sun worship sacred since the Sun was not seen to have had one gender in his lifetime, but included both male and female. At this time it is unknowable what Ahkenaten’s motivations were for leaving his royal residence and family and striking out on his own to start his own community of sun worship.

However the photo of artistic representations of the Sun God from that time are quite striking. The rays appear to be reaching down as hands onto the earth, and many seem to contain objects; one of which is an ankh-shaped cross. Clearly this denotes the cross of christianity’s origins, especially if, as many claim, members of Akhenaten’s court were actually major players in the old testament of the Hebrew bible. These theories while not proven definitively show a direct lineage from Egyptian monotheism to abrahamic monotheism though the motivations and connotations seem very different. The iconography of the Sun God of Akhenaten’s time seems loving and beautiful, connected to the earth, reaching down and caressing the earth and bearing gifts to humanity; the carvings and sculptures are very positive and humane.

Contrast this with our modern day monotheism and one can’t help but be taken aback. We have christianity whose icon is torture-porn, branded into the minds of children from infancy onward since many first learn about the crucifixion in their earliest visits to church. We have the nothingness of islam, where only geometric patterns can be depicted since this God, (clearly not the sun but the father God, or Jupiter figure, of the Greek and Roman days) seems to despise humanity and everything human in general and female in particular. Not only do very few people understand how we went from such positive spirituality of the ancients to the over-arching darkness and negativity that society lionizes now, very few people understand or accept that we did; that this was a process over many millennia, containing many political and philosophical forces.

Most of us are taught that monotheism is the natural state of being and every other spirituality on earth is occult and depraved or at best inauthentic and derivative. However since the products and by-products of monotheism have made themselves evident to almost a nihilistic extent in the last millennium (i.e. war and all other attendant human misery), it is clear that whether monotheism is the natural end result or the product over time of force and conquest by many conquering entities, it has absolutely shown itself to be inhumane and unnatural. It seems that Akhenaten’s monotheism represented a different entity entirely, one that shone on humanity, that caused the growth and fertilization of plants including those for human consumption. It drove the sexual processes of all living entities and affected humanity in myriad ways every single day.

In worship of the Sun, humans come from the sun and return to it, as souls. Our bodies, our genetic material, comes from the earth, and our lives are a sacred marriage between a planet and a star, the Earth and the Sun. The Gods are not only alive, but visible to our eyes, in the Sunshine of our Sun God, and in the dark of night as millions of Gods showing in the night sky. The Sun God of day fulfilling our needs for nourishment, for light, for love, for sexual expression, for joy, and the nighttime expanding our minds to absorb that our earth and her sisters and brothers are only some countless possibilities for mortal expression and existence. What must it be like to live in a world where such things are known. What must it be like to live in a world where God is not an aged, stern, youth- and sexuality-hating racial eugenicist, but a great shining beacon of reproductive diversity and variety? What must it be like to see our ultimate deity as a loving, inspiring, bright and shining giver of all life, instead of a defeated, dead, tortured and dethroned victim of sadistic depravity? What if we lived our lives every single day meditating on the positive, wonderful gifts the Sun God gives us upon waking every morning, instead of meditating on the humanity-hating depictions of the father-God in the abrahamics, or the destroyed and tormented dethroned Sun God of christianity?

It is overcast right now where I sit. Glum weather affects humanity universally. There is an energy, a sizzle, a buzz, a sense of possibility every time the sun breaks through the clouds and bathes the Earth in a holy light. Most of us experience this the majority of our days on earth, and those that live in areas where this is not possible speak openly about the affects of either extended darkness or rainy weather on their moods and outlook. It is so difficult as a 21st century abrahamic monotheism-indoctrinated human to imagine this holiness as God of the Earth and humanity, and to give amnesia to the depravity of abrahamic monotheism that has despoiled our planet and landed us at the brink of armageddon.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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