The Big Bear

I was reminded earlier of the book of Revelations by my mother, who is an evangelical christian. I had been fuming and sputtering about the firing of FBI director Comey and the apparent constitutional crisis the U.S. is now in, and had fallen in the futile exercise of talking to my mother about it. Her response is always the same: ” I try not to think about it because there is nothing I can do about it and no one ever asked my opinion”. I went on to talk for the umpteenth time about how we can call our representatives in Congress and give them our feelings and so on…I shared my fears about the seeming Russian coup of the US government via Donald Trump, and as never fails when I think I am getting somewhere with my mother only to be given whiplash in terms of evidence to the contrary, as I walked away she muttered something about how things were “going to get worse and worse”.

I remember my father always talking to me about ‘the Big Bear coming out of the east’ at the end of the world, and I have had my own misgivings about what is going on in politics right now. But I know things now that I did not then; for one thing I am certain that the author of Revelations was on a hallucinogenic trip, which many of the people who experienced hallucinations in the bible were also as well, though the specific drugs they were taking at such time are needless to say never mentioned in the bible. I also have read interpretations of Revelations that point to the time frame of this book being the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, evidenced by some writers who point out that the translation of Nero from Greek to Hebrew produces 666 since Hebrew letters double as numbers. Preterism is the belief that the events of the bible including Revelations have already happened, and are relative to a time in history when the Jews were in conflict with Rome and subject to persecution on a regular basis, leading to the destruction of Jerusalem in 63 B.C.

But most of all my own ‘bad trip’ on a legal dissociative taught me some things about the nature of the universe that needless to say, the bible, and specifically Revelations, never mentions. It seemed to last hours and was quite the harrowing experience, including a rapture where certain folks were taken up portals to presumably heaven and the presence of the Gods became absent from the earth. The Dark Spirit was given control of the earth and the most harrowing part of it was that when I prayed, I was mentally connected with this dark spirit so that it was his answer I received after praying.

For all the terror of this experience though I did receive a message to “remember the strings, and be positive”. In an earlier experience on the dissociative I had been shown the workings  of the universe to be something similar to a giant stringed instrument or a tapestry loom, onto which our thoughts and dreams are projected. I was shown a weaver who traced out these projections onto the instrument as part of his employment; he seemed excessively harried though extremely content with his work. The implications of this frightened me terribly, because I immediately thought of the billions in christianity and islam that believe some version of Revelations will happen at the ‘end times’ which may parallel the ending of the Piscean Age. However clear it is to me that this is a projections of hopes by however many people of a very destructive event, many people view this as literal gospel and a great many very angry, very sick, people, such as my mother, seem to look forward to it with some kind of hope for revenge. Revenge on what and on whom and why is not very clear but the truth as it was shown to me by the Father God/Jupiter deity is that we are creating reality every single minute and the hopes and desires in our collectively conscious minds are woven onto the strings of the universal instrument. The end result of Revelations, Armageddon, absolutely doesn’t have to happen. It is only one possibility of infinite possibilities. It is up to us to counter what one spirit who visited me called the fundamentalist religionists, i.e. the ‘sickest people’, and their thoughts and hopes for destruction.

It is up to us to be positive and believe that hope and peace can triumph. It is up to us to work for change and to demand honorable behavior from our elected officials. It is up to us to love our planet enough to stand resolute against her abuse and destruction by those corrupted by greed and hate. It is up to us to be about peace and peaceful resolution of conflict. In short, it is up to us to save the world from those so  twisted by hate and a desire for retribution that they project this reality into our collective human reality many times every day when they salivate for a war to end all wars, or an overtake of the Earth by satan, and a rapture that only includes a certain religion. It is clear to me from my experience with the true Christ, our star, Sol, that this consciousness, this deity, loves every human being, from the time we are born, until the time we return to the place of our soul’s origin. I have theorized at times that this star is in fact a soul itself, a massive, glowing holy soul of purity and love, since that is how I have experienced him to be in my encounters with him.

I was initially quite devastated to find that these Gods seemed to have male gender but it was made clear to me that this is not a hierarchal quality, that their gender happens to be male or female, such as the mother Goddess of antiquity who says she is the mother of the ‘father’ God worshipped by most abrahamics. The Greeks and Romans knew the Gods had families and lineage,  generally referred to as their pantheons. Gender in the spirit world doesn’t seem to be the same construct it is on earth at this time; the Gods seem to love female and male equally on earth and simply happen to be one or the other; at no time in my interaction with the Father God or the Sun God has any gender hierarchy ever been expressed to me. To the contrary, I always felt an incredible love reaching to the dept of my soul and embracing it every time I interacted with them; something I’d been taught about in religion but had never experienced at all until I began using the legal dissociative.

It is clear that these Gods love humanity deeply and want us to make our choices out of love, and to love other human beings and to not cause destruction. They do not have the same fetishistic desire to control and moderate human sexual behavior that I have experienced in patriarchal (i.e patrilineal) religion; it is clear the behavior to assign purity to abstinence is simply an attempt to control parentage and is at heart a form of racist eugenics that is human inspired and not divinely sanctioned. In fact it is clear that the behavior of patriarchal religions from genital mutilation of children to domestic violence and discord in the family are developments in human culture that the Gods find deeply troubling, especially when done in their names. They want the harm of all human beings in the name of Divinity to cease, and when it does happen for it to be attributed to human depravity and not anything Divine, since to do so is an outright misrepresentation of the Deities and their deep love of humanity.

But most especially important to events going on in the world right now, it was made clear to me that we hold in our own hands, and minds, any future that may befall the earth. We are the creators of destruction, or redemption. We humans hold our own fate in our hands, our minds, our hearts, and our dreams. What we project into the future, what we believe will befall humanity, actually will happen. Knowing the nature of the universal instrument, we must program our minds to think positive and hopeful thoughts about the future. We must take appropriate actions to stop the march forward of tyranny and corruption. We must do what we can to save the earth from destruction, and we must believe ourselves capable of doing so. With several billion human beings lusting for the destruction of our physical reality, we must hope and believe with all our hearts that we have the power to bring about a very different outcome, and we must take actions that will midwife this reality into being.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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