The Death of Monotheism


I stumbled upon this photo by Hans Gutknecht on twitter this morning and I found it to be a great metaphor for what is going on in our country and on our planet right now as the Piscean Age gives way to the Aquarian and the institutions of monotheism are being spoken for by their byproducts every evening on the nightly news.  We are seeing how domestic violence endemic to male dominance produces adults that must manifest violence out of habit and choose ways of doing so that are devastating to the public at large. We are seeing patriotic ‘cowboys’ like the one depicted who believe their right to dominate others trumps other people’s right to thrive, or just simply exist. We are seeing men legislating women’s rights to health care out of existence because they themselves do not have the same internal organs and therefore women’s healthcare is not something that matters to them.

Most of all, we are seeing how monotheism is untenable to the planet. I was raised in the system of monotheism, taught that only men had divinity since God the father and his son the Christ were male gendered. Mary the mother had divinity by association if and only if she never expressed any sexuality at all since female sexuality was of the devil and verboten. There simply was not any space in existence for a woman to just BE, in all her complexity. I had resolved myself to abandon the concepts of God and religion like most of my peers until I started using a legal entheogenic to help calm my PTSD symptoms. It was then that I experienced the true Deities and the Divinity of the Universe. It was then that I realized that Jesus the Christ was really the timeless Sun God worshipped by humanity from the dawn of of our existence and it was then that I understood why. I understood once I felt the love emanating from this cosmic body, our sun…the light, the holiness and and the peace that I had my confidence in humanity restored, which is something atheists have cast into doubt, wanting to believe that humanity’s worship of Gods to be an error held over from our intellectual infancy. Having done a bit of digging myself about the human brain I rejected this theory, as it has been shown scientifically that our brain actually hasn’t changed all that much in the last 25 or 30 thousand years.

My research about religion has brought me into the knowledge of how men in power politicized religion and deprived women and children (and all living things) of our rightful spirituality. They did so apparently to increase their own powers, to write into human consciousness that one man could be seen as a God and therefore all powerful, and they embedded this into religious doctrine so that people would accept it as fact. When one confronts the true astronomical nature of divinity, that the stars and planets have consciousness (which the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and many other ancient cultures were aware of) one can see the fallacy of this construct. One point three million earths can fit into the sun. If the Sun is a God, and from my own experience I can attest that he has all the qualities attributed to the Christ by mythology, then needless to say no mere mortal man will ever achieve anything near God-like status, and those who try seem to fail miserably and usually are brought low by skeletons in their closet at some point in their careers.

Back to the content of the photo, which captures the death of monotheistic concepts of male superiority perfectly. Here is the tempermental male of abrahamic fundamentalism, his racism and sexism justified behind a banner of nationalism, confronting the newly unshackled female who is educated, financially stable, and physically able to defend herself if need be, as evidenced by her taught bicep. Her status as slave to the male of monotheism in which only males have holiness and divinity, and females were contrived by a monolithic male God to serve men, has fallen away. She sees herself as holy, as worthy, as a beneficiary of inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just as all creations of the deity are. He wants her to get back into her place, to which she will never return willfully. She and all the other ‘unchosen’ of abrahamic monotheism see the mess this construct has created on earth, and we all now know innately what is missing, and it is us. We know our voices are needed, our rights of sovereignty are inalienable and inborn, and we aren’t going to ‘shut up’ and go back into the kitchen. People of all genders, ethnicities, and cultures are fighting now to take back the earth from the spoiled male monotheists before it is absolutely just too late.

We know now that we are divine. Many people have used ayuhuasca and other entheogenics and have met and experienced the true Deities and come to understand the true Polytheistic nature of the Universe. Many ex-christians understand the origin of the Christ to be the Sun God and his saga of life and death to be the same as the path of the sun through the year from death in winter to rebirth at winter solstice. Many of us have met and interacted with other Gods and Goddesses in our experimentation with mind-expanding substances. The monotheist lie is dying, and they are losing control because their ideology only ever could be kept in place via violence in the first place, as evidenced by the wanton violence of montheistic abrahamism for thousands of years. It thrives on violence, beginning with violent mutilation of genitalia of children, and it continues with corporal punishment and child rape. It holds society in thrall by producing authoritarianism in young children, brought about by terrifying them to the point with physical punishment that  disobedience to authority is unbearable. By doing this it produces soldiers like the one pictured above, who feel it is their life mission to enforce for the state when the unchosen or undesirables of society, in their view, step out of line.

I hope, as this woman is shown doing, we continue to tell them where to get off.


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