Cosmic Underpinnings

I’m aware today is a religious holiday though it’s been so long since I practiced my faith of origin that I can’t remember the significance of Good Friday. Like most relatively educated people I know it has to do with pagan rites of spring that the church pasted over with a bloody ode to sado-masochism to scare the shit out of most sane people and let them know what could happen to them if they run afoul of the wrong  people, namely church fathers. It is the strangest site to me to see the crucified rabbi as a symbol of spring…and you can’t avoid wondering what the psychological impact this has on the billions of Christians who worship it in terms of what they dream the world to be when their most revered icon is a tortured Hebrew preacher of Judaism. We don’t even shield children from the S&M fest that is Christian iconography. We allow them chocolate bunnies and easter egg hunts but in church at every alter is the crucified rabbi, whom they don’t even learn til they grow up preached Judaism to Jews, as Christianity proper didn’t exist in the form we understand it til the conversion of Constantine and edicts of his appointed religious henchmen several hundred years later. The Jesuses that were crucified (and apparently there were several if not even more according to Flavius Josephus) were all Jewish, all Rabbis, something Christianity doesn’t exactly like to elucidate for children.

But anyway, the Romans before Constantine (and even Constantine after his ‘conversion’ apparently) worshipped a sun God…so to them spring would have been about the things spring is in fact about; fertility, re-blossoming of the earth after winter, lengthening days, sunshine, etc. Incredibly positive things for a positive season that should be symbolized by rebirth, not gratuitous death- and torture-porn. You can see the lingering  hints of paganism in the customs for children celebrated on Easter, as I guess maybe the holy thugs didn’t think children would be able to do much harm with joyous symbols of rebirth and fertility, at least nothing so harmful that it couldn’t be beaten out of them later on. I can’t imagine living in an adult world where the rites of spring are openly revered instead of the season being over-shadowed by the blood lust of a death cult’s sadism fetish. Like a few comedians have said, when the crucified Jesuses return the cross is the last thing any of them will ever want to see again. One thing that has been made extremely clear to me through interacting with spirits and deities on a legal dissociative drug is the absolute importance of forgiveness and leaving the past behind.

Because of my fear for the world in terms of what the death-cult abrahamic religions protect into reality via their focus on such dark and dismal rites and traditions, I have been trying to change my own thinking to reflect more positive energy and thought processes into the universal instrument, as it has been shared with me that all of us are jointly creating the universe together by our thoughts and beliefs, and together we get the reality that we most focus or concentrate on. I have been trying to spend less time on social media during this dismal political climate because every time I spend more than a few minutes on newsfeeds I feel my energy sinking down. Since I have been shown the truth about our universal collective consciousness jointly creating reality I have become more and more aware of what effect people and situations have on my energy level and mood, in terms of ‘up’ or ‘down’ being in what direction my mood is shifted. If we are truly creating reality every second of our lives, consciously or unconsciously, it becomes more and more important to seek out positive people and positive energy situations. I can think of little more negative than focusing on an act of torture, especially one that appears less verifiable as humans become more and more enlightened to the dishonesty of the first three or four centuries of Christianity and what the church did on order of Constantine to help consolidate his power over all of Rome. Given Constantine’s bloodlust and psychopathy of course it makes sense that a sadistic representation of a tortured icon would be held over all subjects like a threat; it does also desensitize people to images of wanton violence, human cruelty, and despair as well, and makes them accept such acts as part of every day life.

It used to bother me a bit when I first started reading the Christ Myth writers and found they’d gathered more proof that Jesus did not exist than that he did. Then when I read from a quote of Josephus that many rabbis named Jesus were crucified during the historical period in which Jesus was reported to have lived (“Jesus” means messiah and referenced an old testament myth that a savior born of a young girl -“virgin” was a mistranslation- would be sent to save the Jews, therefore many Jewish parents named their children Jesus/Joshua/Yeshua etc hoping he was ‘the one’) it seemed to me to not even matter whether Jesus was a God, as it was clear that many humans had in fact endured this fate. I understood then that the argument shifted from the existence of Jesus, to whether the rabbis who were named Jesus and crucified were in fact incarnate Gods, or at least one of them was. Based on my entheogenic experiences I know that in the eyes of the true Deities it doesn’t matter because we humans all come from the Gods and are the children of Gods therefore are all part of God and that makes this fate an abomination.

I’ve talked in the past about having an experience in the summer of 2016 when the sun was in the center of an astrological formation called a ‘grand cross’ in which Jupiter was on one side  of the sun and Saturn directly across on the other. At this time I had an experience of seeing the mythological Jesus in my mind’s eye. I had first been shown a portrait of a Renaissance-era Jesus a couple years prior in my first experience in which it was made clear to me that Jesus of mythology was in fact a merged, or even submerged, Sun God, and that the energy attributed to this Jewish preacher was in fact of the almighty Sun, the star of our solar system. I found the interaction with this astronomical body to be overwhelming and even frightening and disturbing because it flew in the face of everything I’d been taught; I had just come to philosophical agreement with the Christ Myth researchers who’d concluded there was no incarnate God crucified in AD 30 and in fact that outside of the apostolic writings or biblical texts there was scant evidence for the existence of any Christ at all besides the handful of rabbis named Jesus that Flavius Josephus mentions. His reference to the brother of James, Jesus, ‘the one they called the Christ’, is widely thought by scholars and many Christ Myth theorists to be an interpolation by Eusebius.

So there I was ready to disregard all of Christianity as a Constantinian creation for shrewd political reasons; and thanks to my legal dissociative use the plot suddenly thickened. I had balked at the portrait of the Renaissance Jesus I saw in my head, a thought I never uttered was that of course, racially, this portrait was completely off. The next time I saw the Jesus figure, he was dressed all in white, his skin a perfect caramel, his eyes brown not blue, his hair a deep, thick and tousled brown, and physically attractive to an extreme. I have read several NDE’s where people express the physical beauty of the Christ figure they have encountered, so the unworldly beauty of the decidedly more middle-eastern looking Christ was in line with what I had read, that the deity presents himself in a way to be extremely appealing to human eyes. But after my eyes had taken in his somewhat Apollonian beauty, at his outstretched hand I saw a nail scar centered, and it began to stretch as if pulled; it elongated right in front of me in my vision. It was then that I made the connection with the grand cross going on at the moment and how the Sun God was expressing to me his pain at the gravitational forces of both Saturn and Jupiter pulling him apart from either side. This fact was underscored later in the year when I was watching a documentary on our solar system in which the narrator casually mentioned that the orbit of Jupiter can move the sun half a million miles due to gravitation. Imagining the sun being a conscious being and being pulled on both sides by two massive gas giant planets really drives home what our seemingly inert heavenly bodies go through.

At this point I realized the mythology of the Christ will never be solved. The fables have far more to do with the Piscean age than our history will ever recover, this being the end of the Piscean and beginning of the Aquarian where cultures that held these astrological age changes (when the sun enters a new sign in the zodiac which happens between every two and two and a half thousand years) as sacred markers of time, and forecasted what each age might hold for humans due to the stars involved in the constellations in which the sun was spending that age have been lost to history. Like so many other aspects of astrological religion, those relics of ancient faiths have lost their significance to all but a few modern practitioners of astrolatry. What I did decide based on my own experiences is that while the incarnation of a God into a human Hebrew rabbi is unproveable, and unsubstantiated by historical evidence, the more ancient faith of astrolatry or worship of stars and planets that Greek, Roman, and other cultures that predated monotheism’s dismal downward spiral of humanity does have basis in existence, hence the repeating mythology of the Sun God that changes names and traditions through thousands of years of ancient culture. It is only in the Piscean age, the last two thousand years, that the Sun God got demoted to a mere human, and through this, the sociopathic church fathers plunged humanity into a cultural cesspit of misogyny, environmental destruction, and never-ending race wars due to the invention of patrilineal succession and the enslavement and exploitation of female reproductive capacity in which reproduction is  only allowed in the most restrictive (and not coincidentally, the most religious) cultures along lines of racial purity.

We are now on the verge of the Aquarian age and with so many people using entheogenic substances and sharing their Near Death and Out of Body Experiences, I have hope that humanity can one day be returned to the knowledge that, as the Greeks and Romans who were the forebears of western democracies believed, it is in fact the stars and planets that have the consciousness that we have attributed to deities. Due to their sheer size and mass, it is these entities that have the omniscience that humanity has attributed to Gods. Constantine and the early church which became Catholicism stole this reality and obscured it behind a simple Jewish carpenter, with the end result being that most of humanity has lost touch with just who the ancients were referencing when they referenced the Gods. It is time for that knowledge to be returned to humanity and my hope is that the Aquarian age will be the historical period in which humanity rediscovers the truth about the Cosmos, and the true nature of Gods.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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