God Hoggers

I really don’t want to talk about the  history of Christianity today or the Abrahamics or the effect of monotheism on humanity or anything like that. I don’t want to talk about how similar orthodox Islam is to the Judaism of the old testament and the violence that these patriarchal faiths force children to grow up in by holding as central tenets such as corporal punishment of children and institutionalized domestic violence, not to mention the violence of serial child rape known as child marriage. Sometimes I get so frustrated with just being someone who seeks answers on how monotheism came to be so prevalent on the earth and how it holds a virtual monopoly on faith for millions or rather billions of people.

But it isn’t hard to figure out why this is when you start looking into the researchers of religion who don’t fall into the scholarly  ‘clique’ that seems to claim the origins of patriarchal religion and all its documentation as their own personal territory.  I am determined not to name any names in this blog today but it does seem that you have two sets of people when it comes to researching religion, you have the so-called scholars who are thought to be trustworthy when it comes to interpretation of religious texts from antiquity, despite their personal views on whether these texts are authentic or not and despite their own relationship with faith; unlike in many other schools of thought there seems to be zero demand for religious scholars to be objective about whether Jesus or Moses or Abraham ever actually lived and one can become a respected religious scholar operating on a belief these figures are historical realities because said scholar was taught this is the case from his or  her earliest days in childhood Sunday school class.

Then on the other hand there are the renegades who draw their own conclusions about historical texts and come up with the wrong answers such as that Jesus Christ as we have been taught about may actually never have walked the earth but is the amalgamation of many ancient Sun Gods in a religion that predated Christianity for thousands and thousands of years. I keep running across different versions of this interpretation dating from the last few hundred years from male and female scholars both, and there is always the attendant footnote that such views are not accepted by ‘most’ religion scholars, many of whom are themselves practitioners of the faith that they insist has historical documentation proving the existence of the incarnate Christian God.  Most reasonable scholars or researchers of Christianity  will admit that when you take away the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John there just is no historical evidence for the existence of a Hebrew rabbi messiah beyond a spurious and increasingly invalidated passage in Josephus and the even less believable Eusebius who lived several hundred years after the supposed Messiah’s death.

I personally have experienced this deity, believe it to be the Sun, and believe as many, many researchers over the years have concluded that this deity was worshipped by different cultures since the beginning of mankind in different names and of varying descriptions. Some of the researchers I  have read are atheist and have never used entheogenic drugs and believe the deity, or all deities, in fact, to be the product of myth. As I have said before, I have more faith in our species than that, having documented in a prior blog that our brains have not significantly changed that much in ten thousand years except or a brief period of shrinkage very recently, probably due to nutritional deficiences, from which it appears we are rebounding. Plus I don’t think it is an accident that the existence of the historical Christ looks more and more dubious, the actual existence of the energy and characteristics attributed to him does exist, and CAN be experienced, and that this deity has claimed to me personally that he is in fact known as Jesus Christ, while making clear he is the consciousness of Sol, our star. I do not feel that I am at all special in having experienced such a thing, as someone who  has read as many near-death, out of body and entheogenic drug experiences as I can find.

But it is disturbing to me this belief in particular about Christianity that this God that came to save the world came out of nowhere reachable by us (space?) walked the earth for a few short years, left and went back to his unknown origin, and for that time period only there is documentation of the holiness necessary to save humanity. And then there is the fact that he spoke Aramaic, and that the accounts of  his existence were written in several languages only a small percentage of humanity speaks or understands, and therefore inaccessible to the vast majority of humans. And that only those folks who believe in him and ask him to be a savior can be saved from eternal hell, and all the rest of humanity is damned. And that the truths of what documentation there is about his existence came to us from an elite group of people who were appointed to their positions by a psychopath, Constantine, who killed his own son, his ten year old nephew, and had his wife boiled alive for the charge of adultery. And that to this day the interpretations of these historical relics are only regarded valid and seemingly ‘owned’ by scholars who must complete years if not decades of education to be able to being to understand them. and who will be disowned by this clique if their interpretations run afoul of the group, itself a great motivator to keep people from coloring outside the lines too much with their interpretations of historical evidence of Christian Doctrine. Abrahamic hegemony does always tend to sharpen itself and improve on its failures with time, when it came time for the reburbishing of the patrilinealist credo known as Islam the patriarchy simply declared this intepretation, Islam, infallible and made it de riguer for questioners to be murdered, something done sporadically by Christianity but with nowhere near the zeal and thoroughness Islam has accomplished.

What if, on the other hand, Christ is the contemporal embodiment of the Sun God? The implications are mind-blowing when held up in comparison with abrahamic interpretations of religion. This means our God of Light, the Sun, has been around since before the beginning of our planet and therefore blesses every creature existent upon it. It means the Sun will shine for several billion more years onto the Earth until it enlarges and extinguishes all life herein. It means that this Light shining on humanity always was, in the span of human existence, and always will be. It means that this Light-being, a child of universal consciousness in a pantheon of deities much like what Greeks and Romans believed, is therefore all-knowing, and can communicate outside of speech and language, and therefore is not trapped in one extinct human language from which most versions of the bible were translated into Greek, then Latin, etc. What would be the implications for faith if we believed in a deity that presupposed ALL faiths on earth, that loved us from the beginnings of our primordial existence to the end of the life of our planet, when she transforms into pure spirit as do we all at the end of our life span? How would we see the world differently? How would it change how we treat each other, and the earth, if we believe that literally everywhere we look, down to the dirt of the Earth beneath our feet, we see divinity and evidence of the Gods’ holy creation? We have the current day example of monotheism and the resulting heavily lopsided view that one gender of one species is holy and all other beings on earth are to be exploited for utilitarian purposes. What incredible impact it would have, so as to make our current experience unrecognizable, to believe the essence of the divine is literally in every direction we look, and to therefore treat every being we encounter as a creation of divinity the way abrahamic monotheism demands we revere the human male.

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