Bad Trips and Apocalyptic Visions

I’ve seen some folks quoting revelations lately about the anti-christ in reference to Trump and his apparently pre-coordinated with Russia quasi-intervention in Syria. I have come to believe after my own experiences with an over-the-counter dissociative that the religious visionaries of antiquity were using unknown hallucinogenic and/or dissociative drugs. Tribal shamans and oracles as well as participants in religious mysteries are known to have used substances to be able to travel in spiritual realms and communicate with spirit beings…apparently initially in the ceremony of using ayuhuasca it was traditional for the tribal priest or medicine man to use the substance and then report back to his or her patron what their spiritual ill was; at some point it became fashionable especially for western experimenters to use the drug themselves to travel beyond the physical plane.

Once I had experienced a few apocalyptic ‘trips’ of my own I became convinced that the chapter of Revelations may have been kind of experience. Many people, especially preterists (who believe the events of the bible have already taken place and are convinced the fabled anti-christ was Nero since his name translates to ‘666’ in Hebrew from Greek. ) have theorized this as well. The author Dannion Brinkley talks about his own experience with receiving futuristic visions in his book Secrets of the Light , but he makes clear that he is given the knowledge (in his near death experience from a lightning strike) that the events he is shown happening are only possible outcomes, and that we are all acting together as a people to bring about events in the future. He describes the universe as an instrument onto which are projected our thoughts and dreams whether optimistic or pessimistic and that we as humans determine the outcome by our thoughts, feelings, and actions in the present.

I  have had a substance experience in which the Father God took me to the intrument itself, whereupon our thoughts are projected and woven into future realities. It seemed like a massive harp of brightly colored strings and was manned by a very busy little worker in a painter’s outfight whose job was to produce the present reality depending upon what information he receives. He was very friendly and positive but seemed very busy though clearly he found his work enjoyable and pleasing. Having that experience  made me wonder if the architects of superstring theory are actually quite close to the reality of the inner workings of the universe. I feel it is possible that the father God, or Jupiter, just used a metaphoric simplification of reality to explain how important it is for our beliefs about the future and the outcomes of both personal and universal events to be positive because we are literally projecting our beliefs about future reality onto a receptive instrument.  I recently watched the documentary Sonita on Netflix wherein a young Afghani girl, Sonita Alizadeh , who is due to be sold as a child bride by her family, uses her art to transform her story into a rap video and literally saves her own life in the process (thanks to her documentary film maker who donates money to her family in order to by Sonita time, then arranges for her to go to school on scholarship in the United States). Throughout the film Sonita makes vision books of copy/paste art of her future hopes and dreams, and the universe seems to have responded and created an escape route for her in reward for her determination to have a different future than the one her family seems intent on providing. The film is a great commentary on vision and self-determination.  It is really interesting to watch Sonita make art of her future dreams and watch the universe create a possibility for her escape from the brutal future to which she seems doomed.

While there is plenty of reason for controversy about the chapter of Revelations in the bible and the doomed future it predicts for humanity and our planet, one of the dominant theories about Revelations is that it really referred to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, explained well in this article drawing from the works of Elaine Pagels , who casts Revelations in its historical period based on the experiences of its Jewish author having witnessed the Roman destruction. However, for the people who take Revelations literally, such as the evangelicals who gobbled up the “Left Behind” series of books, Revelation is the foretold end of human life on earth and the apocalypse during which God vacuums up all the Christians and tosses the rest of us, Jews included, into hell for eternity.

Based on my own experiences during these apocalyptic substance experiences, plus referencing Dannion Brinkley and other near death experiences  I have read , it is really frightening to consider the impact of several billion christians and muslims projecting, and salivating, even, for an apocalyptic future for all of us on earth. If the universe really is some kind of stringed instrument onto which we project our future visions and beliefs, then it makes one shudder to consider the impact of this many people lusting for the destruction of our beautiful planet and all her creatures human and non, and the sooner the better in their eyes, because of their belief that they are the only ones permitted to experience the heavenly realms. Such bloodlust and desire for utter destruction of every known thing seems antithetical to the nature of the Sun God I have experienced; scientifically it is know that the sun will expand in a few billion years causing the earth to become to hot to sustain life, but all indications are that human life probably will not be able to sustain itself quite that long anyway; that said there is no reason to hasten the destruction of humanity and poison the entire earth to fulfill events that most likely had their basis in past events anyway.

Last night I read some writing by Alvin Boyd Kuhn  (at link) in which he traces the common thread of Sun God myths through antiquity. It is my experience that this being does exist, as the consciousness of the sun, though humanity from the early years of common era forward seem to want to disabuse ourselves of the notions that heavenly bodies have consciousness and divinity, something cultures upon which we base many other aspects of our western societies, the Greeks and Romans, accepted as fact. The descriptions by Kuhn in the initial paragraphs describe what he calls ‘primitive’ people as lacking in imagination and intelligence, when clearly those peoples were availing themselves of the psychoactive substances necessary to experience these divine beings. Though they anthropomorphized the cosmic bodies of stars and planets into human form over many thousands of years and under many different names historically, the patterns repeat enough to show clear succession of reverence for and worship of cosmic deities, something the Greeks and Romans took as fact.

It is not clear when the worship of cosmic deities was completely left behind though from Constantine’s reputed conversion to christianity in the 4th century of the common area forward the nature of cosmic deities and the identity of the Sun God became more and more obscure. Tom Harpur has theorized that this was obfuscation by church fathers after the utilization of christianity by Constantine to force a stateless religion on the warring nationalistic religious sects of Rome. In his book The Pagan Christ , Harpur casts this obfuscation as deliberate and sinister manipulation of biblical texts and outright historical forgery.   While biblical literalists are greatly disturbed by the uncovering of Sun God myths that show great resemblance to the Christ mythology and predate it by thousands of years, my own personal experiences underscore that the energy they are describing does exist and is vastly more powerful than anything a human being can imagine, and that this power is as pure and loving as the mythical humanized Christ is described as. It is simply not believable to me that this spiritual entity has any lust for destroying the earth, nor is it conceivable to me that at some time in the 4th century this incredibly loving being of light decided to cast into hell every human on earth who doesn’t believe he once was a poor Jewish carpenter.

These things being said, it is especially disturbing then to contemplate the positions of people of great power and influence in the world today who are surrounded by those who do insist on the veracity of these apocalyptic prophecies, and in fact seem to lust for their fulfillment. There is Alexander Dugin in Russia whose work is said to have greatly influenced Putin and whose wikipedia article describes him as “a Russian political scientist known for his fascist views who calls to hasten the “end of times” with all out war”. There is Trump’s Steven Bannon, his closest advisor, who is credited with pushing the already far right Breitbart news further to the right and who, The Daily Beast claimed in this article , once said he wanted to destroy the state and the “permanent political class.”. While we are currently now stuck in this situation with destructive fringe elements at the right hands of some of the most powerful men in the world, it is clear that besides our political activism we have to also use our power to project future outcomes into reality by being careful not to participate in the gloom and doom but to imagine and envision, as did Sonita Alizadeh, positive future outcomes so that we can save ourselves, our species, and our planet, from the dark visions of apocalypse that so many in our current reality are lusting for.

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