Last Week In Sweden

Last week in Sweden there were riots in the Rinkeby ‘no go’ area, apparently because of police attempting to serve a warrant. The news reporters were quick to link the latest violence inSweden to Trump’s comments about ‘last night in Sweden’; however there is not really a link other than the fact that this part of Sweden, like other immigrant ghettoes in other European countries, has been known for this kind of sporadic violence.

I am at a loss lately to counter the knee-jerking coming from the left on islam and muslim issues. The left wants to continue to confuse the rights of people from countries of instability and violence with their religion, and present them all as muslims (which many are not) and make muslims a protected group. Well, let me be clear about this, the left wants to make the *visibly* muslim symbols of victimization, and the importance of the word ‘visibly’ cannot be overstated. The progressive left in the U.S. does not align itself with moderate muslim reformers like Maajid Nawaz; instead, left-wing anti-bigotry monitoring group SPLC lists him along with Aayan Hirsi Ali, a survivor of female genital mutilation, as an ‘anti-muslim extremist’. The left does not clamor to support “My Stealthy Freedom” originator Masih Alinejad, an exiled Iranian opposing compulsory hijab & penalties for violation in her home country; instead, the left plasters the women’s march and the internet with posters of an American flag hijab wearing muslim woman vaguely recognizable as the pro-sharia law march organizer Linda Sarsour. As a member of the left my entire adult life, I can’t understand right now the push to enshrine a fundamentalist abrahamic religion as something akin to Buddhism or Hinduism, at least the groovy western culturally appropriated versions. I saw a photo of a sign from the women’s march that said, ‘Hijabis are feminists AF’… assuming that wasn’t supposed to mean, ‘…as fascists’, I don’t understand this logic at all.

On any given day liberals can be found online making jokes about any number of inane regulations found in the old testament of the Hebrew bible, known as the Torah or jewish bible…some of these, especially teachings against homosexuality, can be found in the new testament as well. A light scanning of the koran is all it takes to understand that these two (or three, however you prefer) religious law books are pretty much identical in bigotry, violence, instructions on how to perpetrate all kinds of violence against women and children, and how to reproduce authoritarianism in one generation after another after another through millenia by means of domestic violence, child abuse, and child rape, making them the greatest instructions for the replication of the human mind virus known as fundamentalist monotheism that our species has ever seen.

While the  left has always been down with the violence in the JC version/s as being self-evident, suddenly there is a see no-/hear no-/speak no evil rule about islam in leftist circles. While statistics about rape in Sweden are higher than most European countries because of changes in the laws defining rape over the last decade, Sweden has been beset by problems with sexual assault at the hands of immigrants on females, particularly at gatherings such as music festivals; one such incident causing the band Mumford and Sons to declare they will no longer play there until police figure out how to prevent these ‘circle of hell’ group assaults of immigrant males on females in the crowds.These assaults were very common reported happenings in the large Arab spring protests; indeed in one instance a female American reporter was a victim and carried her story back to the media.

I am a feminist who came to my feminism right after the Gloria Steinem style ‘women’s lib’ of the seventies, and I cannot support the dampening down of criticism of abrahamic misogyny in order to appease a sentiment that we must not give voice to facts that appear to bolster Trump’s racist targeting of muslim immigrants. Two contradictory things can actually be true, if we are mature enough to allow space for the nuance. Over and over again I see the left wanting to deny that these rapes are happening, and to deny that the reason that they are happening is because of cultural and religious implications in islam that raping ‘infidel’ women is without penalty in this world or in the afterlife.

I think it was Maajid Nawaz that coined the terminology, ‘the soft bigotry of low expectations’, which implies that holding arabs, persians,and other ethnic groups to lower standards of behavior because they happen to be muslim is in fact racist. I see a tremendous amount of this kind of racism on the left lately and I find it disturbing. Worst of all what arises over and over again by the under-reporting, outright denial, omission of names or background of the offenders in news reports, is the sickeningly misogynist suggestion that tolerating rape of both indigenous and immigrant females by immigrant males to countries of immigration is what is required to allow these males to ‘assimilate’ into their new societies. It should seem glaringly obvious that if rape is the price a culture has to pay to be a welcoming committee to the tired, poor, huddled, etc, then we have it completely backwards about just who is being assimilated and in what direction.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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