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Trump won because of PC culture

This (above) is an interesting video I came across on youtube today with Bill Maher saying HRC lost because of islam and pc culture. It kind of seems like a stacked panel with only Wonkette to defend against his points; at  one point he even says “back me up on this guys” in his screed against PC culture while staring directly at Cox, though to their credit the other (all male) panelists did seem a little bit embarrassed.

I hear this argument all the time and I have made a similar though not identical argument myself about ‘identity politics’ and their effect on the election, which is that I felt as if our democratic demographics were chopped up into little factions each demanding recognition and I suspect that a good deal of people in these factions either didn’t vote or voted third party to protest HRC getting the nomination over Sanders. It stands now that if half of the third party voters in some states had voted democratic HRC would have carried enough states to win the election so I hope that in the future people who tell themselves they genuinely care about election outcomes will not be so ridiculously naive; we can have focus and support groups for our individual uniquenesses however when it comes to national elections we must have unity across our differences otherwise the Trump types will win everytime (but I digress).

However much I support Maher in his quest to get progressive Americans to support progressive islamic reformers and apostates of islam rather than falling in line behind religious conservatives who shill for islamofascism, I don’t agree with his point about PC culture per se. I believe that men like Maher who claim to be non-religious simply cannot absorb that while they personally don’t adhere to any abrahamic faith, their cultural attitudes toward the diversity of the human spectrum (i.e. all other beings) are informed by Judeo-Christian culture, which is to say, monotheism.

I have talked a bit about my use of a legal dissociative as an entheogen in dealing with trying to get help for my PTSD which I have been unable to treat by means of psychiatric drugs. I endured severe trauma in early childhood, a crime which was covered up so as to avoid prosecution and my becoming a ward of the state. My early childhood was spent in abrahamic religious fundamentalism; it was only during states of disassociation in working with this entheogen that I experienced the presence of three deities, literally the christian pantheon, the father God who fits the description of the Zeus/Jupiter/Thor etc deity across different cultures, the son of this deity (jesus) who is the consciousness of our star, but has been christianized thanks to Constantine’s political usurping of the christian religion and combining it with the persona of the sun God of Rome known as Sol Invictus, and lastly, the mother deity that is the mother of the God and grand mother of the star Sol, known all over the ancient world as the Great Goddess.

The Greeks and Romans of course knew that the stars and the planets had consciousness and personas, that they had  histories and familial relationships; they knew these things because they practiced mystery religions where they also used entheogenic drugs and therefore were able to communicate with these beings. This practice is evident in religious law books written during and after the classical period; my theory is any time a ‘god’ figure is communicating to a human in any part of the bible or koran there is one of three possilities: the person is under the influence of drugs, the person is schizophrenic, or the person is lying. But for whatever reason as time went on and monotheism became more and more popular to the dominant members of society (because a king or religious leader could claim to be the emissary of the ‘one true God’ and therefore practice absolute authority) the pantheons of the Greek and Roman empires came to be looked at as simple ‘mythology’ and the vast diversity of spirituality faded into history in the west except in animistic tribal cultures like indigenous Americans and other indigenous groups such as the Sami people of the Arctic.

What kind of influence did monotheism have on culture? It is easy to see in attitudes like Maher’s, with the member of the gender of the monolith god (in the west God and jesus both being male) being the dominant and ‘right’ one, and the other members of the immediate environment being subservient or substandard to the ‘right’ identity, which is male therefore god-like. I always feel what men like Maher are saying when they talk about “PC” is that there is one right demographic and that problems ensue when other identities push back against it and assert their own personhood and existence and right to not be denigrated for not being of the desired identity (which in monotheistic fundamentalism is always straight and male…the dominant race of the area is assigned to the monotheist figure as well, and needless to say this causes its share of problems when two or more monotheist cultures exist in an area; in such a situation males must fight for dominance of their god because with only one god it is not possible for him to ‘look like’ both races).

The paradigm belonging to the dominant group with physical characteristics belonging to the monolithic god figure seems to assume the right to assert dominance over others, declaring their cultural experience to be ‘right’ and any pushback by other groups as an annoyance, and invasion, a ‘ridiculous’, in Maher’s words, intrusion into their peace. While I expect this thinking in males that practice monotheistic abrahamism, I always find it so odd to find these attitudes lingering in males that are so vocally insistent on having agnostic or atheist beliefs. What then, do they base their male superiority on, their male dominance on? They can’t make the argument that male dominance of the past  few millennia was based on anything other than abrahamic fundamentalist conquest, not without being historically inaccurate. So how do these atheist males like Maher, and Hitchens, etc locate their genetic superiority in the present paradigm?

Polytheism of course is a whole different set of standards. Polytheism acknowledges male and female, mother and father, mother and child, father and son, the earth itself having a consciousness, the other planets and stars having their own consciousness…I have even seen members of an Amazonian tribe insist that agrigulture, of which they were being shown films, was cruel to the plants being cultivated, because, as one man said, ‘you are hurting your plants by cutting them, they have consciousness’.

So how to we get to the place where all groups have divinity and all groups have a right to pushback to dominance and the imposition of a dominant paradigm, which men like Maher sometimes insist on? I think the answer is just as we have been, though the hapless victims of this cultural change feign victimization and hence the label ‘PC’ gets bandied about. I think it is a growing pain western culture is going through right now, for the dominant cultural paradigm, that of white heterosexual males, is being pulled off its high horse and made to recognize the pantheon of diversity all around him, no matter what he resists. I find it so strange that Maher can rail about islam, the end game of fundamenalist monotheism, without yet realizing he has spent his life informed by the very same attitudes of superiority that at their most extreme extension cause the atrocities evident in radical islam toward women and children.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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