Something Rotten at Rolling Stone

Matt Taibbi must have woken up on the masochistic side of the bed as evidenced by his half-hearted scrawl in defense of Milo Yiannopoulos (sorry not linking, google if you want, but not really worth it). One of my deleted comments follows; parking here because several of them, defending trans people and refuting the idea that pedophilia and lowering the age of consent are part of the gay agenda, were strangely  deleted. Oh the internet, which once held such hope for so many, now so overwhelmed by so much deviancy and trolling it is depressing…I guess the fact that Disqus is modding the comments there explains some of the low-brow pedo-defending comments that were allowed to remain,  while Rolling Stone can’t be blamed it should be obvious that this uneven moderating doesn’t help their brand anymore than defending the indefensible pro-pedo Milo comments.

My response to poor Matt’s homework assignment:

It certainly is not the first time Rolling Stone has been wrong. Pedophilia is radioactive, no one comes back from it. Not Jared from Subway, not Mama June, not the Sons of Guns show guy who raped his teenage daughter daily, not anyone. Of course we can expect someone like Milo will have to have an audience, so he won’t go away, but he certainly will be shunned, and find many doors slammed in his face. Gays won’t want him, because he attempted to suggest that pedophilia is a norm ”in the gay world”; as someone who has been out since the early 1990’s I can tell you it hasn’t been a part of my gay world beyond the deeply resented, protested, and resisted attempts by NAMBLA to insert itself into gay pride marches.

Milo’s statements beg a question he has yet to answer, if he thinks thirteen is a good age of consent, if he thinks he was capable of consenting at thirteen, then does Milo pursue thirteen year olds on the basis of these beliefs?

What this article misses is the motive behind the dismissal and cancellation of the book deals: money. Pedophilia does not sell, at least not in the daylight. Any organization of whatever type that owes its existence to financial support, which is to say, all of them in the political and journalistic worlds, will drop any association with Milo faster than a hot potato.

The problem with Milo is that what makes him Milo, his deviant, psychopathic personality, is the very thing that guarantees that he will be unable to deal with this in a contrite and earnest way. He said those things because he doesn’t care whom they might influence or affect, whether pedophiles fishing for new rationalizations, or children hoping to hear that what happened to them was wrong. Milo has proven repeatedly he has zero empathy and compassion for the targets of his slurs, and that in fact his right to make them, and to encourage others to join in, far supersedes the right of other people not to be harassed. In other words he would have to care about the victims of pedophilia to respond to this controversy in a sane and intelligent way; however he’s fully demonstrated for years he’s incapable of caring for anyone but himself.

The lesson in this sordid story is that internet trolling under anonymity transfers horribly into real life. And an even deeper lesson that I sincerely hope is not lost on all of us is this: people who do it are absolutely the assholes they seem to be. Their ‘freedom of speech’ banner was just a way of using a closely held constitutional principle as a smokescreen to launch psychopathic attacks on various groups of people online for the fun of it, or for what was called the ‘lulz’ in adolescent 4chan speak. Well, 4chan got older without growing up, and Milo is what those aberrant psychologies look like with real names and faces attached to them.


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