No, not in the gay world, Milo.

I love the smell of a good death spiral in the morning, the kind Milo Yiannopolous is enduring right now after his words endorsing pedophila have been widely publicized. The interviews are not new, but the widespread viewing of them by people outside the right/left schism online apparently is. I knew Milo to be an arrogant, confused brat by what little exposure I’d had to him, but I had no idea at all that he’d endured sexual abuse at the hands of a predator priest in childhood, something he claims taught him to give ‘great head’.

Most offensive to me on a personal level are his claims that in the ‘gay world’ sex between men and boys is normalized, a rite of passage, and something that should be encouraged because sexual predators apparently make great mentors.

As someone who has been in the gay community for over a quarter of century I find his experience so alien to me as to leave me almost speechless. In my gay community we despised NAMBLA and in the past when they did try to hijack our community and march in our pride marches, they were loudly booed, and made demonstrably unwelcome; they were only included because they forced themselves into our marches and their civil rights were adamantly defended, however controversially, by the ACLU.

In all my years interacting with many different kinds of gay men from all walks of life this is the first time I have EVER heard a gay man endorse pedophilia or claim that sexually seducing minors is healthy and good for them. I have heard the stories of plenty of gay men who were abused as children, from molestation to outright rape, and the pain it caused in their lives. I have seen them struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues from the pain this abuse caused them, as I too  have, having been a victim of mulitple predators in childhood, from which I was not protected and in one case to which I was deliberately exposed.

I have to believe that if Milo’s experiences were common “in the gay world” I would have heard, somewhere along the line, at least one of my gay male friends or acquaintances voicing some kind of simliar sentiments but nothing could be further from the truth.

What Milo is talking about is sexual predation on children, and sexual predation on children is far more a part of the “Catholic world” in which he grew up than the “gay world” and this point can’t be overstated. The Catholic world vehemently opposes abortion and a woman’s right to choose. The Catholic world opposes reproductive control, and therefore Catholic families tend to be large and full of children close together in years. The Catholic world like all abrahamic faiths, does not think of women as human, but as automatons for whom adequate parenting is automatic. The Catholic world therefore doesn’t acknowledge the human frailty of women who have too many children, too much work to do, and too little time to nurture. The Catholic world is notorious not only for its predator priests, but for its horrifically abusive, child hating nuns whose work has turned many Catholic schools into houses of horror similiar to CIA black sites. The Catholic world, like any and every fundamentalist abrahamic cult in existence, brings children into a world where the odds of their getting a nurturing, attentive, violence-free childhood are slim to none.

Children need love and nurturing on a moment to moment basis from birth through early childhood. Abrahamic fundamentalist cults stack the deck against children automatically and ensure that neglect, violence, and emptiness are their immediate environment. The horrible Prescott experiments with primates proved what typical primate responses to the sensory void of child neglect and abuse are: self-injury, chronic masturbation, and repetitive behaviors like rocking and pacing. The tragedy of Josh Duggar, another victim of abrahamic fundamentalist insistence on overbreeding human females to the breaking point of child psychology, known as the “Quiverfull” movement, and his spiraling sexual addiction (sex addiction is progressive; though a process, not substance, addiction, it follows a similar path where the addict looks for stronger and stronger highs and many end up at pedophila) shows the end result of breeding women like cattle. In fact, you can look at many abrahamic fundamentalist herding cult behaviors and see where we have devolved as a species by using ungulate breeding/parenting methods for primate children, and the result is an absolute disaster, even more frightening when you consider that three of the five major religions of the world, adding up to several billion people, are herding cult religions. We have children coming into the world who have almost zero chance of being nutured the way a primate child should be, which is not to say in the extreme philosophy of ‘attachment parenting’ but instead in an environment that is full of sensory stimulation with other humans and devoid of violence, either witnessed in the form of domestic violence, or violence to their own person.

What Milo describes in his experience is a world of sexual predation by Catholic priests on children, certainly nothing new in the scope of news coverage. For him to wrongly attribute this practice to the ‘gay world’is nauseating; it can’t be stressed enough that gay sex is consensual sex between two adult people of the same gender. Sexual activity between adults and children is always exploitative, always contains a power imbalance, and adversely effects the child. Milo Yiannopoulos is a startlingly clear example of the harm to self-identity that predator priests and other sexual predators do to children, and how long-lasting and wide-spread the effects of this abuse have the potential to be. I have long suspected that the internet back rooms of 4chan, reddit, and other infamous internet dens of writhing human instinct untethered, are disproportionately full of child predators and other deviants; you can hear the echoes of their rationalizations for their behavior in the banners of so-called ‘free speech’ (that is to say, offensive & depraved expression that can’t handle any form of blowback without feigning victimization) and the insistence on zero censorship of any thought expression or image no matter if children or animals are shown in graphic situations of abuse. It is no suprise that a quasi-movement has arisen out of these online dens of cheerleaders for depravity, since children are vulnerable to anything that appears to support them in their rebellion against parental restrictions. This is predation 101 folks, and your children are sitting right in the thick of it every single day playing video games.

Milo Yiannoppolous positioned himself as the face of the ‘free speech without repercussions’ movement, and now he may have hung himself from it. However tragic, it seems only fitting that he would die by the sword that he so carelessly swung at others. His sociopathy is fully apparent in his weak defense of his own recorded words; showing zero remorse and only concern after the fact, he addresses his response (on his facebook page) to the ‘idiots’ who took his very adamant defenses of pedophilia at face value…which begs the question, if he still promotes his freedom of speech, why make a reversal only when said free speech has come back to bite him in the ass? Decrying speech he made until it caused him what will certainly be long-standing, grievous harm is incompatible with his most treasured stance.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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