Milo The Tragic

Last night’s Overtime episode of Bill Maher was actually surprising to me in how well Maher kept control of the impish Milo Yiannopoulos. Maher proved himself to be right that Milo is no one to be threatened by or to give undue influence; that said it is clear his schtick has no place on college campuses as he has little to offer and little grounds for being invited. He seems a controversial comedian/pundit who has a forum only because his background in the first place is technology.

Clearly he is offering  himself up to be used by the right wing mainly on grounds of his internal conflict about his own homosexuality. This is nothing but sad in the sense that he may one day be able to have peace about this but the damage he left along the way might indeed haunt him at a time when he is powerless to do anything but regret it. It is sad when someone puts their self-hate on display in this way, especially when they could adversely effect young minds who are looking for role models, especially online where Milo has such a following (even if of ideological enemies though he’s not mature enough to understand the valor in refusing to be used this way).

My experiences with the Zeus/Jupiter/God/Allah deity began when I was briefly tangentially involved with a self-hating victim of Catholicism just like Milo. I don’t know what it is about this faith in particular that wreaks such long-lasting and irreversible damage to the human psyche, but being that its influence has turned large swaths of the Spanish-speaking Americas into failed states, this cannot be understated. One of the remarks Milo got halfway out before he was cut off referenced a reason for his self-hatred being that he ‘can’t produce a child with a partner”…the documented fact that Catholic priests have been caught using chldren *as* sexual partners to an astronomical degree, in which case no offspring could possibly result either, seems to not factor into to his sad logic.

But in any event during the brief time I was in contact with this other self-hating victim of Catholicism, was when I began to have experiences with the “God” that I’d been taught about all my life. This God was very concerned about said internalized homophobe, and made it extremely clear that these teachings in the religious law books have absolutely no basis in spirituality. That love is love, that gay love is no different from straight love, that all love is holy and good and sanctioned by the Gods who are in fact, LOVE incarnate, made of love, which is the highest principle in the universe, and that if we come into this life gay it is absolutely the will of this creator God. I will never forget the concern this God showed for this person and his deep, tangible sadness that she was choosing her religious teaching over spiritual truth, which should be detectable in our hearts. It became clear to me that the religious law books are exactly what they seem, relics of societies that were biased to the God-renderings that most benefitted their most politically and socially dominant members. It was clear this God wanted me to carry this message to this person, who anyway eventually chose their human contrived cult teachings over the pure, unprejudiced love of this ancient God, the father of the sun God Sol, also known as Jesus. The basic skeletal structure of the identities of the Gods religion has gotten right, but literally EVERYTHING ELSE they have manipulated for their own purposes. To be allowed to sense the very real pain this deity felt that his children were being caused to hate themselves and in many cases take their own lives, in his name, was a very heavy and disconcerting experience.

On the other hand it was very enlightening to me, as someone who had when given the choice between choosing between religion and my heart, chose to follow my heart. I was made to understand that the Gods speak to us, in fact, through our hearts, that they are as both ancient and present now as they have always been and will always be, and that no antiquated stone age law books with all their prejudice and depravity are required; all that is required is that we listen to our hearts. It is absolutely no accident that religion seeks to break the heart of children from their early childhood onward by employing such directives as “spare the rod and spoil the child”…religion is designed to break the link between child and God, and later, adult human and God, permanently, and to get us to denounce the God consciousness that resides in our hearts in favor of cults with ancient tomes that are relics of a time when few could read and therefore were as ‘posh’ in general society as monetary wealth is now. Literacy was a symbol of prestige, and cultist religions took full advantage of this.

I feel sorry for Milo Yiannopoulos. He will drag us along painfully on his journey to either self-acceptance or self-destruction. The damage he is doing now to people that see him as a role model will not be fixable however, and if he does have any remains of a working conscience left from Catholic abuse, this may haunt him someday. Maher compared him to Hitchens, who according to David Brock in “Blinded by the Right”, had an incredibly self-destructive relationship with alcohol. My feeling if if Milo does not find peace with himself this is his future and his followers will be subject to all his waffling with identity which either will resolve itself or eventually be his undoing.

What I find sad, however interesting, about the saga of Milo is that he’s come up in a milieu in which there is absolutely no guidance from elders, that being technology. The internet across the board wields a ridiculous influence on young minds in underworlds absolutely free of the kind of guidance from authority figures like teachers and parents that should be intervening; instead, it is obvious that these children are being molded in many cases by the philosophy of deviants such as sex criminals and the like. The writhing misogyny, for instance, evident in the gamer communities has no real life counterpart except in extremist misogynist states like the middle east. When Milo was called down by Maher for calling veteran spy Malcolm Nance ‘stupid’and ‘awful’ in the segment last night, it was clear that this is absolutely something that he is not used to, because in the online techie communities in which  he’s made his early career, there simply are not role models; people like him *are* the role models, a depressing and disturbing reality.

Whatever sad and annoying path man-child Milo ends up following, the great tragedy of it all is that none of his struggle, which seems to be religiously influenced, is based in any true teaching or instruction from God; certainly not from the Zeus/Jupiter deity who is in great pain at what these teachings are doing to his children, and definitely not from the sun God Sol, now known as Christ Jesus. It is all based in the political leanings of cults from ancient societies that were given legitimacy by the passage of time and by the choices of social engineers like Constantine who evidently chose Christianity for Rome for no other reason than the fact that it was a stateless religion at a time when the warring factions in Rome had nationalistic identities that were imbued with religious beliefs and Constantine felt this religion would break down nationalistic ties and more easily unite the Republic under one banner.

I don’t think Milo’s appearance on Maher was particularly successful and probably will endear him to homophobes if little else. Larry Wilmore did a great job calling Milo down on the Overtime segment which has gotten a tremendous amount of viewing. It is clear that Milo needs this kind of guidance such as from Wilmore and Maher but it is far, far too late and he will just continue to flail through life as a ball of confusion; it is not that he shouldn’t be given a platform, but that he should not be misrepresented as any great thinker whom college campuses need to employ. He’s a pundit who has a great future as a shill against his own kind, and that is about it.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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