If people could see Gods

If people could see Gods, so much would change in the world. Just to experience the sight and size of them, for a moment just to understand the scale we are talking about when we refer to the Gods in the universe when compared with the human being, it is like seeing a flea on or mosquito on your arm and absent-mindedly flicking it off.

I remember reading a near death experience once in which a man, having ‘died’, found himself in one of the purgatory levels of hell, seemingingly, to find a large hand reaching down from above and plucking him out between its two fingers. When he asked what had rescued him he was told he was removed from the purgatory in response to his mother’s prayer. Imagine the feeling of encountering something that huge and powerful in comparison to now understanding one’s ant-like status in comparison to the Gods in the universe. That is scale similar to what I have experienced in my own searchings for the truths behind religion, that these deities are tremendous in both size and power, which would make sense if they truly are the consciousnesses of stars and planets, many still bearing the names given to them by Greeks and Romans.

We live in a world right now in which people imagine themselves to be Gods. Rulers, tyrants, zillionaires believe that they wield a power that is almost unearthly; because they can do what their little black hears desire, which is destroy, conquest, torture, obliterate, they believe they SHOULD, because might in their opinions makes right. How wrong they are, and how truly in opposition to spiritual laws in existence.

This is the true tragedy of monotheism and the ruling classes of society being in charge of what is transmitted from one generation to the next in terms of spiritual truths. Hell is a reality, reincarnation is a reality, spiritual laws are a reality. And for these men who wield this kind of power and use it to do harm, all of those realities may not be pleasant in the afterlife. If rapists, for instance, knew what awaits rapists in the afterlife, no one would ever rape again. Not because God will visit on us visions of hell and torment, but because when we die our child-like, and god-like, moral conscience is healed and re-awakened, and it is with this pure morality that we revisit our lives in our life review. It is our feelings about our own behaviors and our own lives and the acts that we have committed, that cause us to sink into lower levels of the afterlife. In those levels await people who have similar consciousness, and it is at their hands we may be harmed. Not because the Gods will it, because they are forgiving, but because the acts we have committed cause us unbearable pain in the newly healed and awakened state of consciousness, and perfect love that we are full of and surrounded by. It is the conflict between our behaviors and our deepest morality that cause us so much pain that we literally fall out of the ‘heavenly’ realms into setting that has more in common with our low-consciousness actions.

These are conclusions I’ve drawn from reading hundreds of NDE’s (near death experiences). In ancient times all these levels of afterlife existence and spiritual beings were common knowledge, probably because entheogenic drugs were part of tribal and primitive life so most people had experienced them, (if not directly then the shaman or medicine people of the tribe interacted with these deities and other various spirits so the spirit world was known to be the rich and varied place it truly is, rather than the empty save for a monolith deity and his heaven, and the devil and his hell). Many new age spiritualities refuse to believe in the existence of the ‘devil’ but I have experienced otherwise on many occasions, I have been to at least three levels of the hells which I will write about later on. I don’t know why monotheism sought to contract spirituality into such simple terms from the rich diversity of truly sophisticated ancient cultures like Egypt and the pantheons of Greece and Rome. My guesses would be that it was easier for conquested peoples to absorb (or die) and probably that these were warrior cults at base who really were largely sociopathic at their helm and thus did not have true contact with the spiritual world or any ritualistic or ceremonial interaction with consciousness transforming drugs, nor shamans or tribal elders or healers who worked between the worlds for the good of the community. When one has no true belief it is easy to construct Gods in one’s own image, usually that of the tribal patriarch, and concoct laws that are self-serving at best. There is no way of being certain what drove mankind from the rich and varied understanding of true spirituality and the consciousness of planetary and astral bodies, to the sad reality of false monotheism in which we now exist, on the eve of our own destruction.

My hope is that the more people that attain enlightenment via the use of these entheogenic drugs and embrace the true diverse nature of the spirit world and the cosmic interconnection of all things, the closer we will get to a true representation of the pantheon on earth, so that we can recognise the true divinity of all living things, instead of electing to believe in the god-head of the human male at the expense of literally every other life form on the planet.


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