Conquest works.

I suppose my quest to find out how the Earth came to be dominated by spiritual customs and religionist cults so averse to the true nature of the Gods will be lifelong. Last week at the library I picked up a book called, “The Murderous History of Bible Translations”, by Harry Freedman. It had me reeling after just reading the inside flap where it listed the grisly deaths of several early translators of the new testament of the bible, presumably because the things they translated were truths of the biblical text from the past that the powers that be were working on eliminating from its contents in the present (namely medieval times). It is difficult to find such sharp and earnest truth-telling about the so-called ‘word of God’; most of the time what one finds lionizes both the text and the abrahamic religionists that both wrote it and who make up the majority of the action within, no matter how objective, agnostic, or even atheist the writer/scholar claims to be.

However on reading descriptions of old testament action leading up to the medieval slaughter of new testament translators, the author describes the conversion of a stone age pagan community simply by saying, ‘they were ready for monotheism’. I sat stunned at the contrast between the stated purpose of Freedman’s book, and the incredible over-simplicity of that statement. Those of us who grew up in church are often regaled with tales of God’s promise to the Hebrews of the lands of Canaan; however when one reads how the Hebrews actually acquired the ‘promised land’, (through scorched earth tactics that would make both Sherman and Hitler proud), it becomes clear that either God is not quite who we’d been taught he is, or the truth is not as it is being told.

Of all my experiences with using a legal dissociative drug to explore both my own psyche and the spirit world, one thing is predominantly clear: monotheism is not present in the spirit world. The consciousness of our star, the sun, having been given different names many times over the course of human history, now is known as Jesus Christ, although the majority of his worshippers have no idea, since astrology has been banished from abrahamic spirituality, though the bible is literally spilling over with hidden allusions to it. The symbol of Pisces associated with Jesus is actually the name of the Piscean astrological age because the sun appears in the constellation Pisces from the vantage point of the earth (at a location called the ecliptic on which lie all the constellations of the zodiac). The Piscean age is current astrological age; there are twelve and they change every two thousand to twenty-five hundred years because it takes around 25,000 years for our sun to travel through all the zodiac signs. Even the coming age of Aquarius is discussed in the bible; this is the same age that the hippies in “Hair” danced around singing about though at the time the New AGE (i.e. new astrological age, leaving Pisces and entering Aquarius) movement came into being (probably due to the burst of entheogenic use which gave people direct access to the spirit world rather than having to go the corrupt and murderous abrahamic faiths and their antiquated texts for ‘truth’). The famous verse from Luke 22:10 is the response given by Jesus when asked by his followers how they would know him in the new age:
“He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters.” The symbol of Aquarius is well known as a man holding a water jug.

In any event, whatever caused the conversion to monotheism of the people that Freedman was referring to in his book, it is highly unlikely that being ‘ready for monotheism’ had anything to do with it. From Canaan to the crusades and beyond, most communities acquired monotheism by one means, brutal force. It is clear from history that judaism and islam are twins of ideology and practice, so if judaism was the islam of its day, which evidence suggests, it is easy to see how a surrounded and outnumbered people would make the choice between conversion and death (a choice Jews themselves were later forced into during medieval times, for example the “Conversos” of Spain whom were tortured by Torqemada on instruction of Ferdinand and Isabella. No one would ever imply these pour souls were ‘ready for christianity’).

During the daytime it is of course easy to understand why people would conclude that monotheism is a reasonable faith; however waiting a few hours always brings a night full of millions upon millions of other stars who, if they have any qualities like our own Sol, which it can be presumed they do, can also be assumed to be deities bearing the same qualities of brilliant peace and shining love that our own Sun has. Furthermore, while many like to refer to western democracies as ‘judeo-christian’ in ideology and history, the truth is that the best ideals of freedom and democracy come not from abrahamic faiths at all, but from Classical Antiquity, which the founding fathers of the United States were well aware of and referenced intentionally. This is why there is so much Classical architecture in our capitol, and in most smaller state and city capitol buildings as well. If it were true that our basis of western democratic ideology were judeo-christian, our capitols would be replete with pitched tents, thatch huts, out-buildings, and grazing herds of farm animals. I say this because it is clear that while we take our democratic ideals from the classical period our pantheistic pagan religions have been stolen from us by conquest of the abrahamics. The most conservative and monotheistic faiths are the most intellectually primitive , this is why they thrive in rural areas where pastoralism is the most common occupation. It is in the cities where diversity and the full spectrum of human potential and expression are allowed to thrive, and this is where you find the influence of classical thought most, and the most diversity and liberalism of all expression from artistic to spiritual. This is probably because it is  much easier to conquest people who are isolated in rural areas than it is to take over fortified cities and force monotheistic abrahamism upon them.

Monotheism always descends into racism, which is preference of one haplotype over another; since the y chromosome is a copy passed from father to son with little alteration, it is interesting that monotheistic cults always seem to reduce their societies to the lowest common denominator of existence, racism, or survival and dominance of a particular version of the y chromosome over others, which is usually accompanied by religious cultism. This is also behind all sexism and restriction of female sexual behavior and penalties for transgression including honor crimes, though modern society has forgotten polytheism and more liberal and humane approaches to female sexuality. In fact it can be stated that instead of the battle being between male and female dominant culture as some would like to misrepresent it, the true battle is between the homogeneous and the genetically diverse.  Polytheistic communities in which there are many Gods including female Gods (i.e. the Holy Spirit, or Mother Mary, in christianity) see the natural world as brimming over with many possibilities of divine expression and diversity as a natural law. Monotheistic cultures see only one expression of divinity with all other aspects of society having no true divinity and therefore subject to exploitation by the god-men of their culture. It therefore follows that conquest would be seen by monotheists as their god-given instruction and right.

This is our current situation, where we seem to be witnessing dueling monotheist faiths right now globally. Though christianity is more polytheistic it is truly  harrowing that this faith right now is replete with practitioners salivating for armageddon which is presented via the bible as necessary for the progression of mankind into heaven on earth. My experience is the exact opposite, it was made very clear to me in one experience on the dissociative that this is only going to be the outcome if people do not act, if we do not use our capabilities to bring about a positive and life-affirming entrance into the Aquarian Age. It is our destiny in this new age to found a new human paradigm, and we cannot afford to let it be hi-jacked by monotheists and haplotype fanatics who will be right or be damned. This is our earth, she does not belong to them, and they cannot be allowed to have a final say over what transpires on earth. She is as alive as our star, has her own consciousness, is a child of God like our star as well…the Greeks had their own pantheon traced through family lineage and it is clear that our stars and planetary bodies do as well. We can’t let the monotheists, literally the most base and brutal organization of human culture, determine the future of the human race. Our planet will recover eventually but we as a species and multitudes of many other species will not.

Those of us who have been enlightened need to do everything we can to wrest control of humanity from the war-mongering monotheists and bring the true knowledge of human and natural diversity back to human consciousness; we can’t let them midwife the destruction of everything we know just so they can be ‘right’ about someone’s really bad trip that was made part of the bible. This trip, like the experience I had, was surely a warning to humanity but the most depraved among us are looking to have it fulfilled as a means of revenge of some sort. This cannot be allowed to happen, it is not God’s will, it is God’s worst nightmare, as was made clear to me. At the end of my experience with seeing potential destruction of the earth, the Father God figure said to me to ‘remember the strings, and be Positive’. We have to counter the mental projection of billions of christians lusting for absolute destruction of our human race and our beautiful planet, by our thoughts, our deeds, our dreams, our meditations and affirmations, and any other method, and to take back our true human diversity that we have lost over time due to conquest of inferior spiritual expression.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.


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