Little Golden One.

The Sun Deity loves gold. I have seen this several times in his communications to me. Once when I was grappling with a financial decision in which I eventually decided to cut loose from a circumstance that could have garned me some financial help, I was beset with images of a beautiful child emerging from a golden box. While the child slowly emerged from the box it appeared to be getting younger and younger until it was just a baby. This was during the 2nd half of the year when the days are getting shorter so it is possible that the shortening days were what this was intended to symbolize. These images were so clear and crisp and the gold was so beautiful, you could conclude it is his favorite color, much like the golden rays he visits on human beings every day of the year. I am amazed at how clean his spirit is, how proud he is of his love that he shares with us. I can see so, so much of the Jesus deity’s mythology that I learned from church as a child in the personality of our Star. I don’t know enough about the Hebrews at the end of the Roman empire in the first half of the first century common era, to know how it was that a human Hebrew rabbi came to usurp the power and personality of a Sun God that had been worshipped for many millenia of human history. Whatever their condition was it is clear they were much more powerful and much more influential than history has suggested to us. Of course, Constantine himself, like many rules prior to him and many to come afterward, was quite a psychopathic killer, having put many people to death including his wife and stepson, and later his ten year old nephew just on the basis that the child was an heir to the throne. It could be that the people of Rome were so terrified of him that of course they went along with whatever was said or done, since Constantine had proven he would go to any length to concentrate the power of Rome under his rule, (much like Vladimir Putin’s persona these days).

There have been at least two other times in which the Sun Deity has appeared to me as a child, both in dreams. One in which he craned his neck away from me as I cuddled him when I would use swear words; it is clear this is a habit of mine that he wants me to let go of though I find this incredibly hard and there is very little more therapeutic to me than a good curse word or two in a moment of anger, but I am working on it very  hard right now though I am not always successful. The other time he appeared in a dream to me I was driving in a car with my grandmother and he was in a child seat in the back covered in sand. I know my grandmother now knows the truth about our star; she was a christian all the time I knew her and very much someone who ‘walked the walk’. When I awoke I thought a lot about the sand covering the child; I didn’t know whether it was due to the turning of the astrological ages which is either taking place now, or soon, from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age. I wondered if the sand means it is time to uncover, or re-discover the true identity of the Sun God because now we are culturally at a point of critical mass where it just cannot be suppressed anymore. In my opinion that critical mass is the internet, which we didn’t have in medieval times. Maryam Namazie has stated that the internet is doing to islam what the printing press did to christianity, in making it possible for people to examine belief and disagree and re-interpret doctrine. The age of the child meaning this astrological age is just beginning, it is an infant, and the Sun Deity is ready to be known again.

The Sun Deity himself seems very childlike. He prefers to communicate in images much more than in speech. Sometimes he appears as the Jesus deity of my childhood, sometimes as pure light, and sometimes as an infant as noted above. I have never sensed anything but the purest love possible coming from him. As I  have stated in prior blogs my research into whether he incarnated and walked the earth during the early years of this millenium ended at a brick wall, when I found there were a number of cruficied rabbis alive during this era of the Roman Empire who were referred to as Jesus (Yeshua, or “Messiah”). Without years of language studies I can go no further. The bible itself is completely unreliable due to the expected level of corruption of people in power during writing of both mythologies. I am presently reading a book by Harry Freedman called “The Murderous History of Bible Translations” which lists translator after translator who was rounded up and put to death for heresy upon simply doing the job they’d been asked to do. Naturally I would give my eye teeth to know what it is they said or found that rendered them in need of execution by the powers that be.

At this point it is clear though, the Sun Deity doesn’t want believers to look backward to a crucifixion that may or may not have happened to him specifically (clearly that it happened to anyone is a travesty). What this Deity wants to share is the beautiful warmth of his rays, his sunlight, the knowledge of all he shares with us and all he does for us every single day between sun-down and sun-up. This is his offering to us, this beautiful golden light he is so proud to bring us. Our salvation, he insists, is in the day, this day, today, right now. Not projecting some future destruction on his beloved Earth, because clearly that would break his heart. Not worshipping the graven images of his torture when he is in the sky shining brightly on every living thing out of doors, wanting us to come outside and let the rays touch our faces and revel in the pure joy and power of positivity and love that the true Sun Deity is. More than anything, he wants us to let go of the past and live in this day, not keeping our faced turned back to past trauma and sadness, but to open our doors and let the full sunlight of his love into our lives in just this day, one day at a time, so that we can be healed by it. He is 5 billion years old and will be around for 5 billion more. We can relax and breathe in the knowing that his love for us is so overwhemlingly strong, that he loves each one of us just as we are, and that his religion, the only religion worth following, is one of hope, and abundant love and joy, which he gives us every single day. All we have to do is receive it; let go of past trauma and belief in future impending doom, and live in just this moment, in the beautiful bright sunlight from this brilliant, loving, shining star.


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