On intersectionality, privilege, and undesirable election outcomes.

(This started as a response to another blog writer).angela-peoples

I feel like on the left we have a huge deficit because we don’t have the commonality of being inspired by accumulation of money  (or/and apocalypse) as an end result  of our labors. As such we have nothing to unite us. I owned “This Bridge Called My Back”, and many similar books and poetry collections back in the day. Holding up a sign that white women voted for Trump while standing in front of a huge mass of HRC voters (and probably some Stein voters and some HRC by default Bernie supporters) is symptomatic of the reason why the left lost this election. We can’t unite, our factions grow more and more Utopian.

I believe in reincarnation. I’ve had several spontaneous and terrifying past life regressions. I have lived in the far east, the middle east, and also in Europe if these are anything more than hallucinations. In this life, I am from appalachia, dirt poor, disabled from multi-predator child abuse. This election result says to me more than anything else that if we decide that anyone but the overwhelmingly ’empowered’ rich male of any shade is the enemy, that male is going to win in the end. And Win He Did. We cannot apply the politics of multi-culturalism studies and diversity theory to national elections. Many tried, and now we all will pay. I may lose disability and health insurance. In the end I may end up homeless. There are bad white people, if someone wants to say we are all bad by virtue of hue, and then there are really, really bad white people like the one in the white house. It is time to come together when it matters, or this is the result that will fall into our hands. Organized religion has robbed us of the spiritual truths of the universe, that reincarnation is a spiritual given. This was done deliberately in the early centuries of the common era by religious scholars when all mentions of reincarnation were taken out of bible translations. I may be a slave-owner in one life and a slave in the next, a pimp in this life and a prostitute in the next.
However you are situated in this life economically, ethnically, etc., you still cannot atone for the sins of other people, and existing in the form in which the gods planted you in this life is not a sin nor an affront to god, it is an instruction to use what power and advantages you have been given to take back the world from apocalyptic death cultism, which is the real threat to our planet and the survival of our species. You have something to say, say it, and don’t let anyone shut you up. I won’t be shut up. I recently had someone on social media accuse me of coming from ‘a position of privilege’. At the time I had just finished eating my lunch, an artichoke-stuffed chicken breast, three of which I had just pulled out of the dumpster the night before. And yes, it was delicious. People can tell NOTHING about another person’s life by their skin color, and the people who are claiming that white women have nothing to contribute because of the ‘privilege’ of our skin color would be horrified to hear the same claims leveled back at them. To take these kind of politics and try to win a national election with them where we are all divided into these elite factions of ethnicity/nationality/religionism with each group thinking the others should shut up, had predictable results. I want to completely move on from this extreme apologetics for my existence like what I am reading here. It. Doesn’t. Work, and we  have Trump as a result of our fractionality on the left.

We are here in this life in whatever form because it was determined either by us or astral deities that this was the form in which we would learn what our souls needed to progress. Many spiritual teachers believe that all of the characteristics of our life are chosen by us before birth. I don’t know if I would go that far but just based on the few (and very brief) past life experiences I have had, I know my soul’s journey down through time has been incredibly varied. In one life I am being dragged by my hair across a cold tile floor in the middle east, vomiting and terrified. In another I am swaddled in furs and animal skins in the arms of my dead father who lays in the snow motionless after having frozen to death. In yet another I am in love, feeling the joy of being with my butch lover in the time before she is burned at the stake.  These split-second glimpses into the lives and prior existences of my soul tell me one thing, souls are not white, black, asian or arabic. Those features are genetic. Our souls are one race of stardust darting across the universe drinking in all the different ways to experience life in the imperfect physical world that we possibly can. And this is what we are actually born to do, without apology.

Copyright 2017 Starshine Kerr. All Rights Reserved.




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