on overwhelm

I honestly feel overstimulated and don’t much feel like blogging today. What is going on in America with the ill-executed ‘muslim ban’ is depressing to me for two reasons; one, it won’t do what it is intended to do which is make US citizens safer, and two, the reactionary nature of politics these days on both sides of the spectrum. These days it has been impressed on me that I need to see my life and all existence through a new spectrum, that of spirituality, the basis of religion, as seen through the prism of the visible universe being holy and full of stars and planets who are the traditional deities of classical antiquity. At some point at the end of the Age of Aries (Arian age) we segued into our current patrilinealist sorry state of war, war, and more war. (A good link on the astrological ages: http://www.signsofthetimeshistory.com/ages.html ). The Piscean age saw a quest for the sun god which is present in many cultures to completely overwhelm the pantheon and stand alone as the only ‘way, truth, and light’. Not that Sol, who is the consciousness of the sun which the christians refer to as Jesus, ever intended this to happen, but for the political goals of the dominant humans of the time it was expedient.

We stand at a fork in the road, in the history of our physical or planetary existence. The monotheistic religions are waging a war against the evolution of the spiritual existence of humanity into more sophisticated and peaceful ways of relating. Each bastion of monotheism seems more destructive, depraved, and nihilistic than the one that came before it. Each one’s philosophy is conquest, kill, and exploit those left living. This includes the earth and all her non-human species. We are war weary, we are death and death-cult weary. Many of us long for another way. For many people, myself included, many times the earth and her creatures, her plants, animals, bodies of water, winds, mists, and mountains are the only entities that allowed us to go on living, to continue our lives for one more day despite our deep sadness and discomfort with what is going on at this stage in human existence. To see our very life-line and connection to our current soul’s journey destroyed in an orgy of apocalyptic masculinity is a devastating thing to consider.

I see the disastrous fall out from our last election as a clear marker of what happens when the left refuses to confront the violent nihilism of Islamist terrorism and deal with it in a constructive way. Because of this reticence we now have an incompetent human being running the country, because clearly so many people were willing to give up literally everything else in life to feel safe from this very real threat. On the left there is a silence being imposed on referring to these violent underpinnings of yet another monotheist patrilinealist religion (which as usual obscured for its own purposes the holiness and awe-inspiring power of the stars and planetary bodies, whom the ancients knew to be Gods, and reassigned this power to human ‘prophets’ who do not deserve to be worshipped like gods and who have been deified and scrubbed clean of their very real failings through years of religious propaganda.) Also because we lost the connection to the Gods of the universe which are innumerable in the night sky, the patrilinealists gave us their holy books as a poor but mandatory substitute, filled with their own contradictory and clearly, in some cases, grossly misinterpreted (not even to venture into the issue of thousands of years of mistranslation) interactions with holy deities, due to the combination of  consuming the entheogenic drugs common in their day (which they of course never admit facilitated their visions) and translating pure spirituality from the universe into their nihilistic, conquest and patrilinealist oriented philosophies.

We know that the creationist mythologies  of abrahamic religion are grossly inaccurate scientifically. There is no question that the earth is older than 6000 years and that humans went through an evolutionary process to get where we are. In its conquest phase abrahamic thought, in whatever incarnation,  demands that we either accept the gross scientific failings of the religious scholars and their propaganda or, usually, be put to death, enslaved, or otherwise destroyed. Abrahamic religion by default destroys the innocence and natural intelligence of children (usually by corporal punishment and child rape) to implant in them the fear necessary to produce authoritarianism, and the more orthodox the sect, the more true this is, and the more severe and permanent the destruction. So abrahamic thought must use conquest in recruitment of all members, especially children born into its sects. It is not uncommon for the more orthodox sects to demand that children be separated completely from the rest of society while being educated so that the indoctrination into authoritarianism is not interfered with by any real scientific education; this occurs through ‘home school’, private school or other forms of religious education.

It seems that at this point in history the three abrahamics are conspiring to, while opposing each other, temporarily destroy the earth and all current life forms. The earth will recover from an apocalypse but humanity will most likely not. What will it take for humanity to get a divorce from all the violent nihilism of abrahamic faith? Will we make it into the Aquarian age, or will the ultimate deity in charge of earth, the Zeus or God deity, be forced to bring about an event similar to the rapture in Revelations? I had an experience on this legal dissociative in which it became clear that this is not an event or ending set in stone, it is one of many potential outcomes depending on whether or not humanity can reclaim our birthright: open study of the universe and its true nature, both from the abrahamists whose preferred outcome is utter destruction to force God’s hand, and from the atheists who are canonizing mankind himself and placing him at the zenith of all intelligence in the universe. Many people all across the world are having spiritual experiences on these entheogenic substances that show us the immeasurable intelligence inherent in the universe that the true loving nature of all the deities and of the spirits who have been able to ascend past negative human mind-sets in the afterlife. Humanity stands at a fork in the road and it is unclear at the moment whether we will sink into the realms of purgatory for allowing our own destruction, or swim heavenward to dwell with the stars and their pure, unadulterated love, from which we originated in the first place.




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